Jaybird XE-CRSM-2000 Mobile ULV Pesticide/Chemical Fogger


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Mobile ULV Pesticide/Chemical Fogger Machine

The CRSM is a sturdy, compact, and enormously powerful unit designed for unmanned application of pesticide, fungicide, or sterilization chemical solutions. It is corrosion resistant and suitable for use in ultra low volume (ULV) chemical application. The CRSM's simple design provides mobility and ease of use.

The CRSM's centrifugal atomization produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles of chemical solution. After the water evaporates, the particle's chemical residue travels through the air until its eventual contact with a surface. Coverage can reach 30,000 square feet per CRSM unit with the aid of HAF fans.

Units have an internal agitation pump to maintain chemical mixtures. The chemical and pesticide fogging output is factory set at a maximum flow rate of 3.5 GPH, but it can be recalibrated by the operator for a variety of applications, such as humidification.

  • Unmanned Operation
  • 18 Gallon Tank with Large Lid Access
  • 24 Hour Timer Control
  • Pivoting Fogging Head
  • Arrives Fully Assembled

ULV Method

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) refers to the amount of water needed to mix and disperse chemical solution evenly. The ULV method differs significantly from those that employ typical sprayers, and which use small water droplets to carry the chemical solution to its intended source. Such spraying processes require much more water to treat an equal area in comparison to ULV.

The CRSM's atomization process produces billions of tiny fog particles laced with chemical. These fog particles are propelled with great force and most of the water content evaporates quickly, leaving behind small, sticky particles of pure chemical. These airborne micro-sized particles of residue float in all directions until eventually making contact with and coating most surfaces evenly.

Standard Controls and Features

The CRSM has water-tight connections and a double-throw NEMA 4X switch box. The CRSM’s maximum flow rate (ball valve fully open) can be recalibrated to any rate between 1 and 11 GPH.

  • Fluid Level Gauge
  • 1/4 Turn Flow Control Ball Valve
  • Internal Calibration Valve
  • In-line Strainer with Clear Cap
  • Garden Hose Connection
  • 18’ Power Cord

Jaybird’s Rear-Feed Blade

Our exclusive blade design is a significant product development, enhancing reliability and performance.

ABB Wash-Down-Duty Motor

  • Industrial grade
  • For use around water

Intermatic Timer Control

The CRSM timer is provided to automate the system.

  • Rain-tight NEMA 3
  • Pre-wired with Male & Female Cords

Internal Agitation Pump

The CRSM's powerful agitation system mixes chemical solutions in the unit's tank.

  • Independent Switch Controlled
  • Mixes Heavy Wettable Powders

Metering Pump Inlet

The CRSM can also be connected to a metering pump. At this entry location, a liquid concentrate mixes with fresh water on its way to the fogging head for atomization.

  • 3/8” O.D. Inlet Connection
  • 1/4” NPT Plug

Electrical: 115/230V 60Hz 1Ph 


Width 21 in / 53 cm

Length 25.5 in / 65 cm

Height 44 in / 112 cm

Approximate Weight:

85 lbs / 38.5 kg

Approximate Shipping Weight:

127 lbs / 57.6 kg

Fogging Head Pivot Angle:

0°, 15°, 30°, 45°

Noise @ 10 ft distance:

3/4 hp units, 72 dB(A)

1/2 hp units, 72 dB(A)

Average Particle Size:

5-10 microns

Tank Capacity:

18 US gal / 68 L




300 Series stainless steel


Endures temperatures from

33° to 160° F

Indoors / outdoors

Humidity to 100% RH

UV stabilized & impact resistant

Operations Manual

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 511

Jaybird Manufacturing Jaybird XE-CRSM-2000 Mobile ULV Pesticide/Chemical Fogger

Jaybird XE-CRSM-2000 Mobile ULV Pesticide/Chemical Fogger