Soil Testing Equipment

Choose from our selection of soil testing equipment from our categories below. We understand the importance of measuring soil quality, and we’re dedicated to providing the right tools to do the job for your specific soil testing applications. Buy soil testing equipment with confidence from Certified Material Testing Products.

Soil testing is a crucial part of determining soil value in agricultural and chemical applications. Our soil testing equipment is essential for determining chemical and nutrient composition, grain size, and compaction - among other data. Our reliable, accurate, lab-quality kits and soil testing equipment truly are state-of-the-art.


Quality Soil Testing Equipment

Certified MTP provides top-of-the-line soil testing equipment. Soil testing encompasses a slew of analyses, ranging from the composition of a soil sample to its fertility. At Certified MTP, we understand that accuracy is crucial in data measurement and analysis. That's why we take pride in providing the best soil testing tools for farmers and surveyors alike.

We have a wide range of soil testing equipment for sale, including hand augers, soil penetrometers and soil thermometers, as well as pH meters and strength test systems. So whether you're going out on a research project or checking your field to predict next year's yield, you can rely on Certified MTP's soil test equipment.

Soil Testing Equipment for All Purposes

Certified MTP is the go-to provider of soil testing equipment, regardless of location. We offer top-notch soil testing lab equipment and soil testing tools for outdoor work. Time after time, our soil test equipment delivers reliable, repeatable results. We source all our products from leading suppliers, so you know you're getting the best soil testing equipment for your needs.

Agricultural Soil Test Tools

Soil testing is an integral part of agriculture, and Certified MTP offers the soil test tools that get the job done. Your productivity depends on the quality of your farmland, and you need timely, precise test results to ensure your fields are in top condition. With our soil test equipment, you can get the information you depend on. Whether you're testing for mineral content, pH levels or more, we have the soil testing equipment you require.

Soil Test Equipment for Civil Engineering

Good soil quality is essential for many projects, including roads, embankments, foundations and other structures. Soil test equipment from Certified MTP lets you check characteristics, like moisture, shear strength and temperature, that are critical to the strength and stability of your projects. When you use our soil test tools, you know you'll get the fast, accurate results you need. Soil testing equipment from Certified MTP gives you the confidence you expect from an industry-leading equipment supplier.

Soil Testing Equipment From Professionals, for Professionals

We constantly seek the best, most reliable soil testing equipment from brands that are trusted worldwide. At Certified MTP, we understand the critical nature of the soil tests you perform and deliver soil test tools that stand up to the task. Our soil test equipment is as precise as it is durable. Whether you need field-ready products or soil testing lab equipment, we have the tools you want.

Soil Test Tools Backed by Superior Service

Certified MTP offers more than great soil test tools. We also provide an unparalleled level of expertise and customer service. Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure you get the best soil testing equipment for your job. We understand your concerns and partner with you to find the products that meet your requirements. Whether you're running one test or dozens, you can rely on Certified MTP to provide guidance you can trust. Just like our soil test equipment, our customer service is second-to-none.

Order Soil Testing Equipment From Certified MTP

Farmers and surveyors alike know they can trust soil testing equipment from Certified MTP. We stand by all the soil test tools we offer. With our products, you get performance, service and value all rolled into one. Start shopping today for the soil test equipment you need.

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