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Surface Thermometers

Surface Thermometers

Certified Material Testing Products offers a range of high-quality Surface Dial Thermometers that are specifically designed for measuring surface temperatures on contact with any surface. These thermometers are an essential tool for professionals in a variety of industries, including laboratories, manufacturing, and quality control.

The Surface Dial Thermometers are equipped with a 2-inch diameter dial, allowing for easy and accurate temperature readings. With an impressive ±2% accuracy, these thermometers provide reliable and precise measurements in any situation. Whether you are monitoring hot or cold surfaces, the Surface Dial Thermometers are designed to deliver accurate readings every time.

One of the notable features of the Surface Dial Thermometers is their ability to be attached to non-horizontal ferrous surfaces using two integral magnets. This innovative design ensures that the thermometer stays securely in place during measurements, eliminating the need for additional support or holding devices. This feature makes the Surface Dial Thermometers practical and convenient for both laboratory and field applications.

Certified Material Testing Products offers a selection of Surface Dial Lab Thermometers in different temperature ranges to cater to various needs. These include models with temperature ranges of 0 to 150°F (15 to 65°C), 0 to 250°F (-15 to 120°C), and 0 to 500°F (-15 to 250°C). With these options, professionals can choose the thermometer that best suits their specific temperature monitoring requirements.

When it comes to measuring surface temperatures accurately and efficiently, the Surface Dial Thermometers from Certified Material Testing Products are the perfect choice. With their durable construction, high accuracy, and easy-to-read dials, these thermometers are an invaluable tool for professionals in a wide range of industries. Trustworthy and dependable, the Surface Dial Thermometers provide accurate temperature measurements you can rely on.

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