Specific Gravity of Soil Test Equipment

Our Specific Gravity of Soil Test Equipment is specifically designed to help you obtain quick and accurate results for soil test projects.

Specific Gravity Test

The Specific Gravity Test is an exceptionally fast way to get the information you need and our soil testing equipment can help you carry out this precise test. Specific Gravity is an important property used in the calculation for mix designs, proportioning, bulk density, void content and other characteristics of construction materials.

Equipment for Testing the Specific Gravity of Soil

Certified MTP offers a wide range of Specific Gravity of Soil Test Equipment. The Specific Gravity Bench is designed for weighing samples in water to determine its specific gravity. The Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity & Absorption Set includes pycnometer with conical mold and tamper. The Le Chatelier Specific Gravity Flask is used for determining density of powdered materials—limes, slag and hydraulic cement.