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Lab Ovens

 Lab Ovens

For the best lab ovens in the industry, Certified MTP brings you a wide selection of top-of-the-range products suitable for your every need. Our quality line of lab and bench ovens meets the industry’s widest variety of testing and heating solutions with superior performance and exceptional results.

With a comprehensive selection of laboratory ovens, Certified MTP is the best choice for you. Our forced convection lab ovens made by Quincy Lab maintain a uniform temperature accurate to ±1% of the full range via a special fan. Our gravity convection lab ovens manufactured by Lab Companion offer natural convection that generates a vertical airflow of heat for uniform heating of samples. Our vacuum ovens re uniquely designed to be a perfect addition to your lab equipment 

Our Collection of Lab Ovens

At Certified MTP, we pride ourselves in our dedication to quality and high-achieving results. Laboratory ovens are an essential element of laboratory equipment, and you must have the right one to ensure you achieve optimum results. Whether it’s for drying samples and materials, sterilization, heat treating or quality control, we have the ideal lab oven for you.

For precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution, you can count on our range of laboratory ovens. With premium materials and advanced technology to meet the demands of laboratories, our ovens won’t disappoint you.

Key Features and Benefits 

For unmatched performance and superior efficiency, our laboratory ovens will provide you with everything you need for all your scientific endeavors. Our curated collection of lab ovens have been designed with expert engineering, ensuring a consistent and accurate heating result. 

Experience repeatable outcomes and boost your overall efficiency with our comprehensive collection of laboratory ovens. 

Our Gravity Convection Ovens 

Our gravity convection ovens are ideal if you require a reliable oven that provides elite results. These ovens work effectively and efficiently using natural convection to circulate the air to provide consistent temperatures and uniform heat distribution. Whether it’s for general heating, sample preparation, or drying, you can trust our reliable gravity convection ovens

Our Quincy Lab 40GC Gravity Lab Oven, 3.0CF, Maximum Temperature, 225C/437F, is a bestseller and radiates heat evenly with its perforated heat shield. This oven has a hydraulic controller and is ideal for all your heating needs. 

Our Forced Convection Ovens 

Our forced convection ovens circulate heated air and create an even heat distribution for enhanced heat transfer and consistent temperatures. Working to reduce hot spots with the constant movement of air, our forced convection ovens are productive and help to streamline your workflow. 

Our bestselling laboratory equipment, the forced convection oven by Shel Lab such as the the Shel Lab SMO28-2 Microprocesser Controlled Forced Air Oven, 27.5 Cu.Ft., is the largest general-purpose oven on the market for maintaining temperature range. For excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery times with the turbo blower-assisted forced airflow design coupled with a heavy-duty blower motor, all Shel Lab forced air ovens are a perfect choice of oven for your lab. Every Shel Lab laboratory oven comes with a full one-year warranty, so you can use heat sensitive materials with confidence.

Alongside our top-class range of laboratory ovens, we also have accessories such as shelves for the ovens to add functionality, like the Lab Companion RTD1197 Wire Shelf For Forced Convection Oven. We also have a range of industrial and vacuum ovens, like the Gilson HM-923 ATS Vacuum Degassing Oven

With our carefully selected oven accessories, additions, and various types, you can optimize the heating and meet your specific requirements as high-class quality is at the forefront of the designs. 

Certified MTP has got you covered for the best laboratory ovens and vacuum ovens on the market that efficiently heat and work to a high standard time after time. Experience consistent and superior outcomes with our reliable, trusted products for heating processes, research, and experiments.

Explore our top-of-the-range collection today and transform your lab with accurate and precise heating. For more information, contact us today or sign up with your email for industry insights, new arrivals, and exclusive offers. 


  1. What are the advantages of using a lab oven?

Lab ovens are versatile and can be used in various ways, such as sterilization, drying, research, and more. Lab ovens also provide precise temperature control and uniformity, making them an efficient addition to a laboratory environment. They provide excellent results with reliable features and durability, meeting your standards and requirements you have.

  1. What’s the difference between a lab oven and an industrial oven? 

Lab ovens offer precise temperature control and safety features and are used in laboratory settings, whereas industrial ovens are usually bigger for higher capacities in industrial environments. Industrial ovens often also have a broader temperature range, as they’re used for heavy-duty industrial processes. 

  1. How do I choose the right lab oven?

Before choosing the right lab oven for you, make sure to consider factors such as the temperature range required, the temperature control options on the oven, and the capacity necessary. By considering these factors, you can decide on the most suitable lab oven for the job, and it’ll work to the best of its ability to provide you with the desired outcome that you require. 

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