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Min Max Thermometers

Min Max Thermometers

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of Min-Max thermometers to measure high and low temperatures.  All our Min-Max thermometers are in stock and ship immediately.

Min-Max Thermometers are ideal for monitoring temperature in essentially any setting: laboratory, food industry, refrigeration, green houses, and the setting time of fresh concrete.  Our Min-Max thermometers are available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales, digital and analog, and has temperature data logging capacity.

Our mercury-filled Min-Max Thermometer is the economical choice for recording temperature variances. Our mercury-free, digital Min-Max Thermometer provides an environmentally friendly solution and measures temperature variance in dual range.


A Min-Max thermometer, also known as a high-low thermometer, is a specialized temperature measuring instrument designed to record and display the maximum and minimum temperatures within a given time frame or environmental condition. This versatile device, sometimes referred to as a digital max-min thermometer or digital min-max thermometer, is available in various configurations, including both traditional spirit-filled stick versions and advanced digital displays.

At its core, a Min-Max thermometer serves the purpose of monitoring and documenting the range of temperatures within a specific setting. Whether it's for meteorological purposes, agricultural applications, or indoor climate control, these instruments are indispensable tools for accurately tracking temperature fluctuations. They provide valuable insights into the environmental conditions and offer precise data regarding both minimum and maximum temperatures.

Min-Max thermometers are capable of handling a wide temperature range, making them suitable for diverse contexts. From frosty minimum temperatures in cold storage facilities to scorching maximum temperatures in industrial processes, these instruments are engineered to endure extreme conditions while delivering dependable results.

The digital variants of Min-Max thermometers are equipped with sophisticated displays that offer real-time temperature readings, ensuring accuracy and ease of use. These devices often feature clear, user-friendly digital displays, eliminating the need for manual interpretation of spirit-filled sticks, which were used in traditional models.

Whether you're concerned with tracking minimum temperatures in a refrigerated environment or keeping a close eye on the maximum temperatures in a greenhouse, a Min-Max thermometer, with its ability to capture and showcase both minimum and maximum temperature data, proves to be an invaluable tool for anyone requiring precise temperature monitoring.

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