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Thermocouple Probes

For precise, accurate, and reliable temperature measurements, our high-quality products have been engineered by dedicated experts to bring you only the best results, time after time. 

At Certified MTP, we have a superior selection of thermocouple probes designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials. The thermocouple probe allows users to change probe types. like type k, or fabricate probes as needed for many digital thermometers. 

Our comprehensive collection of the thermocouple probe will meet your needs and provide versatility and an elite outcome. We have both Type J and Type K, the primary difference being the measuring range and the temperature sensitivity. Type K is the preferred thermocouple probe for most industrial applications and high temperature. Whatever the probe type, we’ve got you covered for whatever you need. 

Our Collection of Thermocouple Probes

At Certified MTP, we bring you a wide range of thermocouple probes designed with accuracy at the forefront. We understand the importance of reliable measurements and the benefits of a precise temperature reading on a final outcome. For superior results and a streamlined process, our wide range of thermocouple probes will provide everything you need. 

Whether you work in a laboratory setting, industrial, or in the scientific industry, the thermocouple probe provides precise temperature control, and you can rely on us and our trusted products to achieve optimum results. The thermocouple probe works when heat is applied to the joining of two dissimilar metals, like stainless steel, and our products work efficiently and effectively while monitoring and measuring specific temperatures with their elite design. 

Key Features and Benefits 

At Certified MTP, we offer only the best products on the market. The high-quality features and dedication to accuracy will ensure your work process is as productive as possible. With a sharp tip design and a wide temperature range, our thermocouple probes have been created with high standards and quality in mind, working to achieve the best results possible. 

Dedication to Accuracy 

Using advanced technology and a strong dedication to accuracy, our products put quality and precision at the forefront and work to provide you with the best results possible. Our bestseller, the Gilson HMA-20 Maturity Meter Thermocouple Type T Wire, 100 Ft, has a temperature range of 0 to 105°C, a stainless steel probe, and provides only accurate and reliable results you can trust. 


Our thermocouple probes can be used in various industries and sectors, from food processing, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, and more. Whatever temperature you need to measure, we’ve got the ideal laboratory essential probe for you, and it doesn’t stop there. We also bring you wires, connectors, and more to ensure you have everything you need for successful results every time. 

Our bestseller, the Gilson HMA-324, 100ft Type K Thermocouple Wire is just one example of our excellent products for all your accurate temperature measuring needs. Its long length and durable properties make it a high-quality product that’ll help streamline your workflow. 

With a wide range to choose from and a comprehensive collection you can trust to meet all your needs, you can rely on Certified MTP.

For all your thermocouple probe needs and high-quality, reliable products you can trust, shop our versatile and impressive range today, or contact us for more information. 


  1. What is a thermocouple probe used for?

Thermocouple probes are used for monitoring and measuring temperatures in industries such as food processing, HVAC, lab research, and more. With high levels of accuracy, thermocouple probes are used for obtaining specific, precise temperature results and are highly valued across a wide variety of sectors. 

  1. What are the advantages of using a thermocouple probe?

Thermocouple probes have many advantages like their wide temperature range and the versatility that accompanies that. Their response time is fast, meaning you don’t need to wait long for results. They also provide highly accurate results, making them a popular choice in many industries requiring precise outcomes. 

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