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Classification is an essential aspect of studying and understanding soil characteristics. Our Classification category offers a comprehensive range of soil classification charts and equipment designed for sample collection and identification of different types of soil. Whether you are working in a laboratory or out in the field, our soil classification guides, gauges, and durability devices are the perfect tools to assist you in your soil testing endeavors.

One of the key products in this category is the Geotechnical Classification Charts. These visual aids play a crucial role in the classification of soil based on its texture and appearance. Included in this collection is a grain size chart, which allows for a precise determination of the size distribution of soil particles. Additionally, we offer the Munsell Soil Color Chart Basic Set, specifically designed for geotechnical attributes. This chart aids in the accurate identification and classification of soil based on its color.

Another notable product in our Classification category is the Soil Classification Set. This set provides a comprehensive range of visual aids and tools for the outdoor assessment and grouping of various soil attributes. With this set, you will have all the necessary tools at your disposal to accurately classify and characterize different types of soil.

In addition to the soil classification charts, our category also offers several equipment options to enhance your soil testing capabilities. The Gilson HM-512 Geotechnical Gauge and the Gilson HM-513 Sand Gauge are practical devices that aid in the precise measurement of soil properties, allowing for accurate classification. Furthermore, the Karol-Warner Slake Durability Devices, including the Karol-Warner 4100, 41001, and 41002, are essential tools to evaluate the resistance of soil to weathering and erosion.

Lastly, the Karol-Warner 4501 Calcium Carbonate Content Chamber is a valuable device for determining the calcium carbonate content in soil samples, an important aspect in soil classification.

In conclusion, our Classification category offers an extensive range of soil classification charts and equipment designed to facilitate the accurate identification and classification of different types of soil. Combining visual aids, measurement devices, and durability testers, this category provides you with the tools necessary to conduct thorough soil testing and analysis. Whether you are a laboratory technician or working in the field, these tools will enhance your abilities and contribute to a comprehensive understanding of soil characteristics.