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Asphalt Extraction Machines

The Asphalt Extraction Machines category includes a wide range of products designed to aid in the extraction and filtration of asphalt materials. With a focus on efficiency and precision, these machines are essential for the laboratory testing and analysis of asphalt samples.

One key product in this category is the Vacuum Extractor, which uses suction to remove the asphalt from the sample, leaving behind the aggregate materials. This process allows for accurate analysis of the asphalt content and properties. The Vacuum Extractor is available in different sizes to accommodate various sample volumes.

Another important product in this category is the Diatomaceous Silica Filter Aid. Available in both 4lb and 50lb packages, this filter aid is used in conjunction with the Vacuum Extractor to enhance the filtration process. The filter aid works by trapping impurities and allowing for cleaner extraction of the asphalt.

For those in need of a complete extraction system, the Centrifuge Extractor is an ideal choice. Available with either an analog control or explosion-proof motor, the Centrifuge Extractor offers reliable and consistent results. This machine uses centrifugal force to separate the asphalt from the sample, providing accurate measurements of asphalt content.

To ensure optimal performance, the category includes several accessories and replacement parts. These include filter rings for the Centrifuge Extractor, replacement seals for the Vacuum Extractor, and filter flasks for filtration purposes. These accessories are designed to fit seamlessly with the machines, providing efficient and reliable operation.

In addition, the category offers a selection of biodegradable extraction solvents. These solvents are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solvents and provide effective extraction results without compromising sustainability.

With its wide range of products, the Asphalt Extraction Machines category caters to the needs of asphalt testing laboratories and research facilities. These machines and accessories offer precise and reliable extraction and filtration methods, ensuring accurate analysis and assessment of asphalt materials.

Asphalt Extraction Machines

Asphalt quality control is crucial for attaining the proper asphalt structure. Here at Certified Material Testing Products, we provide state-of-the-art equipment that’ll aid you in testing your asphalt products. Here, we feature our catalogue of extraction tools that you’ll need for your asphalt. Browse through the litany of products we carry, and find the right tools to get the job done!

We carry centrifuge extractors with various features and capacities. We also carry filter rings for extractors that require filters, and we’ve got a selection of extractor bowls. Furthermore, we carry vacuum extractors, as well as vacuum extractor components including hoses and seals. Reflux extraction is also possible with our extractor sets - also varying in capacity. Don’t forget to purchase our solvents as well.

Remember, we carry all sorts of material testing products here at CMTP. Don’t forget to browse through the rest of our asphalt testing products all here on our online store. And if you’re curious about any of our products, don’t hesitate to give the pros here at Certified Material Testing Products a call. We’ll field any questions you may have about our products, their stats, or how they work. We’ll let you know their exact dimensions in case you’ve only got so much room for a device. We’re here to help, and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with your upcoming equipment purchase!

Be sure to check out our shipping and returns page if you’re curious about the shipping costs on your product. We ship our products worldwide.

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