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Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment

Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment

Certified Material Testing Products provides Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment and Plastic Limit tests as part of a complete line of soil testing equipment for your lab.

The Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment category offers a comprehensive range of specialized tools and accessories that are specifically designed for conducting shrinkage limit tests on soils. These tests are crucial in determining the volume change characteristics of soils and are widely used in geotechnical engineering, construction, and agricultural applications.

One of the key products in this category is the Spatula with a 4 x 0.75in blade. This spatula is used for precise measurement and sampling of soil specimens during the test. It is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and accuracy.

The Plastic Limit Rollers are another essential part of this category. These rollers are used to determine the plastic limit of soils, which is the moisture content at which the soil transitions from a plastic to a semi-solid state. They are designed to provide uniform compaction and consistency in test results.

To ensure accurate testing, adhesive paper pads are available in cases of twenty 50-sheet pads. These pads are used to fix the specimen to the glass plate during the test. The Square Glass Plate, with dimensions of 12 x 12 x 3/8in, provides a stable and flat surface for conducting the test.

The Shrinkage Limit Set is a comprehensive kit that includes all the necessary equipment for conducting shrinkage limit tests. It includes the wax melting pot, Monel shrinkage dish, microcrystalline wax, and other accessories required for the test.

Other products in this category include the Soil Grinder, Pin Hole Dispersion Device, Expansion Index Consolidometer, and various sizes of perforated plates for the Soil Grinder. These tools are used to prepare soil samples and perform additional tests related to shrinkage limit determination.

The products in the Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment category are manufactured by reputable brands like Gilson and Karol-Warner, ensuring high quality and accuracy in test results. Whether you need to perform soil testing for research purposes or engineering projects, this category offers a range of reliable and efficient tools to meet your specific needs.

Plastic Limit and Shrinkage Limit Test Sets

The Plastic Limit Test Set includes all items recommended to perform plastic limit test in accordance with ASTM D4318 and AASHTO T90 specifications. The Shrinkage Limit Set includes all the items recommended to perform the shrinkage limit of soil test in accordance with ASTM D4943.

Choose from our selection of Shrinkage Limit of Soil Test Equipment below from simple utensils to our soil grinder machine.

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