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Soil Ejectors, Extruders, and Trimmers

Our Soil Ejectors, Extruders, and Trimmers category offers a comprehensive range of tools and equipment specifically designed for soil sample testing. Whether you are conducting research in a laboratory or working on site in the field, our selection of high-quality soil sampling products will provide you with the precision and efficiency you need for your next job.

One of our featured tools is the Soil Sample Trimmer. This handy device allows you to trim cylindrical soil samples to your desired diameter, with a maximum diameter of 7.5 inches. With adjustable settings, you have complete control over the size of your samples, ensuring accurate results every time.

For efficient removal of soil and asphalt samples, our Hand-Operated Sample Ejector is the ideal tool. This ejector offers a quick and effective method of extracting samples, saving you time and effort. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, making it a must-have in your soil testing arsenal.

If you're looking for a horizontal extruder that can emit soil samples swiftly and efficiently, our Horizontal Hydraulic Sample Extruder is the perfect choice. With its ergonomic design and hydraulic operation, this extruder streamlines the process of extracting soil samples, allowing you to increase productivity and proficiency in your work.

With a wide range of options available, you can select the specific tools and equipment that best suit your needs. Some of the products in this category include the Karol-Warner 8400 Sample Ejector, Combination 4 Inch and 6 Inch, the Hydraulic Sample Extruder, and the Karol-Warner 3130.1 Soil Sample Trimmer, Adjustable. Each product is designed with durability, precision, and ease of use in mind, ensuring that you can perform your soil testing tasks efficiently and accurately.

Browse our selection of Soil Sample Ejectors, Extruders, and Trimmers below and equip yourself with the tools you need for success in your soil testing endeavors. Trust our reliable and high-quality products to deliver the results you need, whether you're in the lab or out in the field.