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Specific Gravity Test Equipment for Asphalt

Specific Gravity Test Equipment for Asphalt is a category of products that are essential in determining the integrity of pavement. At Certified MTP, we offer a wide range of specific gravity test equipment to meet your asphalt testing needs.

One of the key products in this category is the Rice test equipment, also known as the specific gravity test equipment. This test helps in measuring the specific gravity of asphalt, which is a crucial factor in determining the quality and durability of pavement. The Rice shaker is specifically designed for performing the specific gravity and asphalt Rice test accurately.

We also offer curing tank circulators and heaters, which are necessary for maintaining the optimal temperature during the specific gravity test. These products ensure that the asphalt sample is properly cured before conducting the test, providing accurate results.

Our specific gravity benches are designed to hold the asphalt sample securely during the test. The Gilson SG-20 Specific Gravity Bench is a popular choice among professionals in the industry. It provides a stable platform for conducting the test and ensures precise measurements.

In addition to these essential products, we also provide various accessories that are needed for specific gravity testing. From hose clamps to cradles, we have all the extras you may require to conduct the test efficiently. Our products are of high quality and designed to meet the rigorous demands of the asphalt testing industry.

Certified MTP is a trusted supplier of specific gravity test equipment for asphalt. Whether you are working in a laboratory or a construction site, our products are reliable, accurate, and ensure the integrity of your pavement. We offer a wide range of products to cater to different testing requirements.

When it comes to specific gravity testing for asphalt, look no further than Certified MTP. Our industry-leading products and exceptional customer service make us the preferred choice for professionals in the field. Trust us for all your specific gravity test equipment needs and ensure the quality and durability of your pavement.