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Hand Augers and Soil Sampler Equipment

Hand Auger for Soil Samplers

Hand augers for soil sampling are indispensable tools for agriculture, environmental evaluation, and building projects because they offer a precise and effective way to extract soil samples for analysis. Our dedication to quality at Certified MTP guarantees that you have access to excellent soil augers that consistently produce reliable results.

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We provide a range of soil sampling options to satisfy your particular requirements and streamline the sampling procedure. Elevate your soil sampling capabilities with our Hand Auger Kit, meticulously crafted from high-strength steel to ensure superior performance and durability. 

Our soil sampling equipment also includes multi-purpose soil recovery probes, SST scoops, dredges, and other soil sampling tools. 

These listings also feature a variety of different soil sampler equipment and sampling kits that can be used for sampling in a number of different scenarios. Our selection includes the Bulk Density Soil Sampling Kit, the Borehole Preparation Kit, the Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit, and more.

Browse our popular hand augers and soil sampler equipment below or shop Certified Material Testing Products for other soil testing equipment.

Oakfield #207 Open Hay Probe Power Kit

AMS Standard Hand Auger Kit

Open Handle Dual-Tubed Probe, 8 Openings, 51in

Brown Moisture Probe

Hand Auger Kit With 3 Foot Extension

Compacted Soil Sampler Complete

Windowed Auger Kit 3.25in

Available Hand Augers For Soil Sampling

As much as we like to believe that one tool can do every job, our knowledge and experience says otherwise. That's why we provide our customers with a broad range of options when it comes to their soil auger.

No matter the soil probe types you need — double tube, single tube, drum thief and more — Certified MTP has you covered. We supply some of the leading brands in the industry from AMS and Oakfield Apparatus to Seedburo. We have soil augers for every occasion:

  • Ice augers

  • Soil probes

  • Soil sampling augers

  • Open-face augers

  • Boring tools

  • Augers for agriculture

We sell both automatic and mechanical soil augers, flighted augers with dedicated tips, roto hammer drills, post hole diggers and more. When we call ourselves the leaders in soil samples equipment, we mean it. 

Heavy-Duty Soil Sampler Equipment 

Down in the dirt is how we work with soil samples at or near the surface. Soil augers, soil sampler equipment; just the tools of our trade. Geotechnical engineers across the US trust Certified MTP to provide the best in soil testing equipment. to test soil samples. Whether you need sampling kits for site studies or laboratory equipment for offsite analysis, we carry the right soil core samplers, sand augers, mud augers, including the popular AMS Regular Augers, at the right price.

FAQs about hand auger for soil sampling

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about mud augers for soil sampling, soil core samplers, and soil augers providing valuable insights into their usage and selection:

What Is A Hand Auger with Threaded Connection and Sampler And How Do They Work?

Hand augers are a great tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. They are lightweight and easy to use, making them ideal for small projects around the house or larger projects like digging postholes or planting trees. 

Hand augers come in a variety of sizes, from small ones that can fit in the palm of your hand to large ones that can dig deep into the earth. With their simple design and construction, the soil auger is an essential tool for anyone who needs to do some digging for more soil samples.

Consisting of a handle and a spiral-shaped metal blade, these tools are employed by rotating them into or near the surface of soil, lifting the extracted sample, and repeating the process as needed.

What types of soil are suitable for hand auger sampling?

The soil auger and mud augers are adaptable instruments that can sample a variety of soil types and conditions. A hand auger works well for removing soil samples for analysis, regardless of the soil type being worked—loose sandy soils, compacted clay soils, dry soil, damp soil, or even wet soil. Due to its versatility, it is a useful tool for soil sampling in a variety of conditions and terrain.

What are the different types of augers used in soil sampling?

Several types of augers are used in soil sampling, and each has been carefully designed to address certain soil conditions and sample needs. Spiral augers, split-spoon samplers, gouge augers, and other types are among these, each chosen based on their suitability and availability for the specific soil characteristics and the specific sampling requirements at hand.

Sand augers come in sizes ranging from 2" to 4" (51-102mm) and are commonly utilized on dry, sandy soils. Mud augers are available in diameters ranging from 2" to 4" (51-102mm) for heavy, wet soils and clays.

What size of hand auger is suitable for my soil sampling needs?

Choosing the appropriate hand auger size is vital to match your soil sampling needs properly. When making your decision, take into account the desired sample's greater depths as well as diameter. 

Smaller augers are better suited for shallow sampling activities where precision is crucial, whereas larger hand augers are specifically made for deep soil extraction and provide the necessary reach and power. You can ensure that the selected auger size precisely satisfies your objectives for soil sampling by carefully evaluating the requirements of your project.

What should I consider when choosing hand augers and sampler equipment for my needs?

When it comes to picking the correct soil augers and soil sample equipment for your individual needs, several key variables should be taken into account. First, determine the sort of soil you'll be working with. Depending on the soil composition, different auger designs may be more appropriate. 

Additionally, take into account the desired sampling depth of soil cores since some tools may be more appropriate for tasks requiring deeper or shallower samples at or near the surface. Additionally, consider the frequency of use because heavy-duty, frequent use may require stronger materials and structure. 

You can efficiently fulfill your soil sampling needs by making an informed decision after carefully assessing these considerations.

What are the key benefits of using a hand auger for soil sampling?

There are many benefits to using a hand auger to sample soil. First off, soil core sampler provides a practical and affordable solution, making them suitable for a range of budgets and fieldwork circumstances. 

Additionally, their manual operation offers fine control, enabling exact soil sample extraction under a variety of field circumstances. Soil core sampler are a very useful instrument for soil sample projects because of their adaptability, cost, and ability to maintain precision.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using hand auger for soil sampling?

When utilizing a hand auger to sample soil or even undisturbed soil samples, safety must always come first. It's crucial to follow safety procedures, which include donning the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and safety glasses. 

Additionally, use caution when operating to reduce the possibility of harm and stay aware of subterranean ground utilities to avoid inadvertent damage by the boring machine for soil testing. These safety measures are necessary to protect the operator and the reliability of the sample procedure.

How do I maintain and clean my hand auger to ensure its longevity in the ag soil sampling equipment?

Properly clean the auger and the auger sampling system after each usage to remove any soil residue. Examine moving parts for any signs of wear or damage, and oil them as necessary. To avoid corrosion, keep things in a cold, dry environment.

The Hand Auger for Soil Sampling category features an extensive range of tools designed for precise soil analysis and sample collection. Our collection includes hand-held augers, often referred to as handheld augers, that are essential for geotechnical and environmental studies. These tools are perfect for users needing to collect soil samples for analysis, allowing for the efficient and effective examination of soil composition, moisture content, and other critical parameters.

Among our top products is the Pelican Grain Sampler, an innovative auger hand-held device specifically designed for collecting grain samples directly from bags or storage units, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the samples. For those working with harder surfaces or requiring samples from gravelly soils, our gravel auger options offer the durability and design necessary for penetrating tough terrains.

Additionally, our hand augers are not just limited to soil and grain sampling. They are also perfect for gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike for planting bulbs. Their easy-to-use design ensures that users can prepare planting holes quickly and efficiently, without needing special permission or complex setup.

Please note that while our products are showcased on our http server, ensuring easy access and convenience for our customers, we prioritize user safety and the responsible use of all our tools in compliance with local regulations and server guidelines. Explore our selection today to find the perfect hand auger for your soil sampling, agricultural, or gardening needs.

Shop Certified MTP For Soil Hand Auger Kits and Soil Samplers

Soil sampling with soil coring equipment is a tough job. That's why you need the tools to match the work with minimum maintenance. Our soil sample equipment is built for the rugged nature of the geotechnical engineering field. 

We have the soil core sampler for sale suited for everything from small independent agriculture jobs to professional research applications. Ordering soil sampling equipments for your business or research institution? Contact us today to discuss options on bulk orders and shipping in a truck cab including those who are interested in an auger for sale near me.

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