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Soil Compactors and Compaction Molds

Do you want to enhance your soil compaction process? Explore our selection of each mechanical soil compactor and soil density compaction molds used for a variety of soil moisture-density relationship tests. 

We offer both automatic and manual soil compactor equipment to meet the quantity of testing for your project. In addition, our soil testing equipment also features different compaction mold sets, components, hammers, and more to help you with measuring the density of moisture in your soil.

Choose from our range of soil compactors and compaction molds below to help you with your next job. 

Featured Soil Compactor Equipment

The Automatic Mechanical Soil Compactor offers improvements in functional accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and safe operation to your laboratory. 

Soil specimens in the lab can also be compacted into soil molds at varying moisture contents using the Manual Standard Soil Compaction Hammer or the Manual Modified Soil Compaction Hammer.

Certified MTP only provides high-quality products that increase soil density and improve load-bearing capacity without destroying the ground. You can use a soil compactor and mold to build durable foundations in construction. 

The Importance of Soil Compaction

Soil compaction plays a crucial role in construction projects because it enhances structural integrity and provides a stable foundation for buildings. With this process, you cannot build structurally sound foundations or meet coding standards for long-term stability. Therefore, we offer reliable products like soil compactors that can help your patch of soil resist deformation. 

Understanding more about soil compaction and its importance in construction is essential for choosing the right product. 

Improves Load-Bearing Capacity

Compacted soil gives structures a solid and secure foundation. Increasing the soil density ensures roads, buildings, and other large infrastructures can be supported without the risk of deformation or failure. The denser your soiled area is, the more weight it can take in the long term. 

Prevents Settlement 

Not compacting soil can create air voids and loose particles that foster settlement. This refers to the downward movement of the ground due to physical stress on the surface. A denser soil matrix can be achieved with our products, as compactors and molds push loose soils together to provide a stable foundation. 

Contributes to Slope Stability

For geotechnical structures such as dams, retaining walls, and highways, soil compaction is essential. Reducing water infiltration and soil movement with a soil compactor can keep these structures in place without the risk of erosion and landslides. Greater structural integrity can help you meet your project’s specifications and meet mandatory building compliances in construction. 

Supports Drainage and Moisture Control 

Improved drainage and moisture control helps to control water and moisture content in soil. This can prevent water-related damage such as swelling and erosion. Compacting your soil using our high-quality tools will create a regulated subgrade that will increase the longevity of your building project.

Compaction Molds in Quality Control

Compaction molds are cylindrical containers that can measure and compact soil samples for testing. They provide a controlled environment for extracting soil and measuring the weight, dimensions, and density. Those working in construction or geotechnical engineering must use these molds in quality control. 

Below are some reasons why compaction molds are crucial in quality control.  

  • Standardizes the compaction process: Soil molds determine whether the samples meet your project’s conditions in a controlled environment. You can use this equipment to conduct a strength test or ensure your soil is reliable and consistent during construction. 

  • Achieves the required density and strength criteria: By following soil compaction methods, you can create a high-grade foundation to prevent structural failure and settlement. Using rollers from Certified MTP will also provide more soil compaction force with fewer passes. 

  • Evaluates soil density with ease: A soil compactor and mold will measure the density of cohesive soils to ensure they meet industry standards. Compaction provides stability and performance in construction, which secures the safety of buildings and prevents defects. 

  • Provides data comparability for testing: With compaction molds, you can use quantitative data to make better decisions in the construction industry. For example, soil that contains too much moisture won’t compact effectively. This information will encourage you to invest in more soil moisture testing equipment

Choosing the Right Soil Compactor and Compaction Molds

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a soil compactor and compaction mold from our range of products. You should focus on high-quality machines, rollers, and models that fit your project requirements, soil conditions, and testing standards in construction or engineering. 

One factor is the soil type and weight. Vibratory plate compactors are beneficial for granular soils such as sand, gravel, or silt. On the other hand, smooth drum rollers are suitable for cohesive soils like organic clay and clayey silt. 

Bigger projects will require larger machines to compact vast areas of soil. For a small project, a handheld compactor should be comfortable enough to increase soil density in densely populated spots. 

Another factor to consider is that plate compactors are better for shallow depths and vibratory soil compactor machines allow for deeper compaction. Depending on the soil’s features, you should also use a mold that provides easier access to moisture below the surface. 

Get Soil Compactors and Compaction Molds from Certified MTP

Proper soil compaction is essential for building durable and safe structures. We have a variety of soil compactors, molds, rollers, and machine models available for you to complete your construction project.  

At Certified MTP, we provide high-quality soil equipment that can help you compact soil no matter the type or weight. Choose your compaction machine now to build durable structures that will last.