Soil Compactors and Compaction Molds

Browse our selection of mechanical soil compactors and soil density compaction molds used for a variety of soil moisture-density relationship tests. We offer both automatic and manual soil compactor equipment to meet the quantity of testing for your project. In addition, our soil testing equipment also features a variety of different compaction mold sets, components, hammers, and more to help you with measuring the density of moisture in your soil.

Featured Soil Compactor Equipment

The Automatic Mechanical Soil Compactor offers big improvements in functional accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and safe operation to your laboratory. Soil specimens in the lab can also be compacted into soil molds at varying moisture contents using the Manual Standard Soil Compaction Hammer or the Manual Modified Soil Compaction Hammer.

Choose from our selection of soil compactors and compaction molds below to help you with your next job!