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Soil Permeameters

Soil Permeameters

Certified Material Testing Products offers a wide range of soil permeameters designed to measure the rate at which water moves through soil. These permeameters are essential tools for conducting hydraulic conductivity tests, which help determine the permeability of different soil types.

One of the permeameter options available is the ASTM/AASHTO Granular Soil Permeameter. This particular design utilizes the constant head method to measure permeability in granular soil samples. It is a reliable and efficient tool for accurately determining the rate at which water can flow through these types of soils.

Another option is the Combination Permeameter, which provides versatility and cost-effectiveness. With this permeameter, granular samples can be tested using either the constant-head or falling-head methods. This flexibility allows users to choose the most suitable testing method for their specific needs, making it a highly adaptable tool for soil testing.

For those who require testing on undisturbed soil samples, the Shelby Tube Permeameter is an excellent choice. This permeameter enables users to perform tests on soil samples without disturbing their natural state. This is particularly important when conducting tests on soil that may be sensitive to disturbances, as it ensures accurate and reliable results.

Certified Material Testing Products also offers a wide selection of accessories and additional equipment to complement their soil permeameter range. These include filter paper, compaction permeameters of various sizes, constant head tanks, and triaxial/permeability master panels, among others. These accessories allow users to enhance their testing capabilities and improve the accuracy of their measurements.

Choosing the right soil permeameter is crucial for accurately assessing the permeability of different soil types. Certified Material Testing Products understands this need and provides a comprehensive range of permeameter options to meet the diverse requirements of soil testing professionals. Whether testing granular soil samples or undisturbed soil, their permeameters deliver reliable and efficient results. Combine these permeameters with their wide selection of accessories, and you have all the tools needed for comprehensive soil testing.

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