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5,000g to 9,999g (11.0 lb. to 22.0 lb.)

Choose Readability offers a wide range of products in the 5,000g to 9,999g (11.0 lb. to 22.0 lb.) category. With precision and accuracy as key features, these products are designed to provide accurate measurements for various applications.

One of the notable products in this category is the Ohaus Explorer EX6202 Analytical Balance, with a capacity of 6200g and a precision of 0.01g. This balance allows for precise measurements in analytical laboratories, ensuring reliable results. Similarly, the Ohaus Explorer EX6201 Analytical Balance offers a slightly lower precision of 0.1g while maintaining the same capacity, making it suitable for less demanding applications.

For compact and versatile weighing, the A&D EK-6000i Everest Compact Balance offers a capacity of 6000g and a precision of 1g. This balance is ideal for laboratories, classrooms, and industrial environments where portability and ease of use are important considerations. Additionally, the A&D GF-6000 and GF-8000 Toploader Balances provide accurate weighing with capacities ranging from 6100g to 8100g and precisions of 0.1g.

The Ohaus ES6R Bench Scale and Ohaus RC31P6 Ranger 3000 Count are reliable options for countertop weighing. With capacities of 13.225lb and 15lb respectively, these scales offer fine measurements with precisions as low as 0.0005lb and 0.01lb. Similarly, the Ohaus R31P6 Ranger 3000 Bench Scale and Ohaus V71P6T Valor Bench Scale provide accurate weighing options in a benchtop form factor.

Whether in laboratory settings or industrial applications, the Ohaus V41XWE6T, V41PWE6T, V31X6, V31XW6N, and V22PWE6T Valor Bench Scales are versatile solutions. With capacities ranging from 13.23lb to 15lb and precisions of 0.002lb to 0.005lb, these scales offer reliable and precise measurements for various weighing needs.

Lastly, the Ohaus C11P9 Catapult Bench Scale and Ohaus R71MD6 Ranger 7000 Bench Scale are heavy-duty options with capacities ranging from 15lb to 20lb and precisions as low as 0.0002lb. These scales are designed for rugged and demanding environments where accuracy and durability are of utmost importance.

Choose Readability's 5,000g to 9,999g (11.0 lb. to 22.0 lb.) category provides high-quality weighing solutions for various industries and applications. With a range of capacities and precisions, these products offer reliable and accurate measurements to meet the needs of professionals and researchers alike.