Ohaus Scales

At Certified MTP, we pride ourselves in our vast selection of superior products that are the best on the market. With over a century of experience, OHAUS scales has developed a comprehensive line of high-performance balances, portable balances, and scales to suit nearly any industry’s needs at economical price points, and we’re proud to bring you their superior range of products. 

At Certified MTP, you can find anything from an OHAUS balance for your classroom to a 7,000-pound scale for your warehouse. Renowned for their high quality, accuracy, and durability, OHAUS scales and portable balances are the ideal addition to any laboratory setting. 

Whether you work in the science and research industry or the culinary or the industrial sector, our comprehensive selection of OHAUS scales will provide you with the superior outcomes you require. These products won’t disappoint you with their cutting-edge technology, adjustable leveling feet, triple beam balance, and many more features that create optimum results.

Our Collection of OHAUS Scales 

We understand the importance of precision and accuracy and the vital role of both aspects across various sectors and industries. That’s why our team of dedicated experts put their complete trust in our comprehensive collection of OHAUS scales due to their high-quality and reliable features. 

Key Features and Benefits 

Trusted by industry experts across sectors, our OHAUS scales with a stainless steel pan provide you with elite outcomes time after time as they have been crafted with close attention to detail to ensure they repeatedly meet and exceed expectations. Whether you need triple beam balance or precise measurement for food preparation, we’ve got everything you need. 


A significant benefit of our collection of OHAUS scales is the versatility that comes with them. Our scales have been designed to meet various industry sectors’ needs. Whether you need precise measurement in the pharmaceutical industry or you need to undergo quality control, our OHAUS scales have got you covered. 

Our bestseller, the Ohaus 83021365 Explorer EX10201 Analytical Balance, 10200g X 0.1g, is just one example of our excellent products. With its stabilization time up to 50% faster than other balances and the 14 applications it offers, this OHAUS scale enhances your workflow, increasing your efficiency and productivity. Comes with stainless steel pan, external calibration, and AC adapter, this portable scale is perfect for all tough environments.

Reliability and Durability 

At Certified MTP, we offer only the most reliable, long-lasting products, and our OHAUS scales are an essential piece of lab equipment. Created with quality in mind, the OHAUS scales provide excellent results and precise measurement. Whether you’re weighing in bulk or taking smaller measurements, OHAUS scales will give accurate and reliable results consistently. 

Our Ohaus 83021350 Explorer EX1103 Analytical Balance, 1100g X 0.001g, is another example of our exceptional products. With its ability to deliver accurate results in seconds and designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow, this efficient, long-lasting product will continue to perform to a high standard time and time again. With its battery operation, low battery indicator, and percent weighing, this portable scale is perfect addition to your lab equipment.

At Certified MTP, we take pride in our exceptional collection of OHAUS scales and trust the products’ ability to deliver reliable, effective, and precise results. So, if reliable weighing results are your priority in industrial weighing, then choose the perfect OHAUS scale today, view the rest of our material testing scales from other trusted brands, or contact us for more. 


  1. What industries use OHAUS scales?

OHAUS scales are widely used across various industries, such as research and development, pharmaceutical and healthcare, food and beverage, the industrial sector, and more. The scales’ accuracy, elite precision, and long-lasting lifespan make them vital and valuable pieces of lab equipment. 

  1. What are the benefits of using OHAUS scales?

OHAUS scales are trusted and well-known for their precision and accuracy, durability, advanced features and technology, portable and compact design, and user-friendly features. These benefits make them a trusted and reliable brand, with products that have the ability to help streamline your workflow and efficiency.