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Vacuum Ovens

The Vacuum Ovens category offers a wide range of advanced and reliable laboratory equipment designed for various scientific and industrial applications. These vacuum ovens are specifically designed to create a low-pressure environment, allowing for precise control and manipulation of temperature, pressure, and humidity levels within the chamber.

One of the key products in this category is the Gilson HM-923 ATS Vacuum Degassing Oven, which provides excellent performance in removing moisture, air bubbles, and other volatile substances from a wide range of materials. This oven is equipped with advanced features such as programmable temperature controls, digital display, and a durable stainless-steel chamber.

Another notable product is the Lab Companion AAH13116U OV-11 Vacuum Oven, which offers a 1.0 CF capacity and is ideal for small-scale laboratory applications. With its compact design and user-friendly interface, this vacuum oven allows for precise temperature control and efficient sample drying.

For larger-scale applications, the Lab Companion AAH13326U OV4-65 Vacuum Oven provides a generous 65L capacity. This oven is equipped with a wide temperature range, adjustable shelves, and a dual-layered glass door for easy monitoring and access.

Cascade TEK offers a range of vacuum ovens, including the TVO-2 and TVO-5 models. These ovens feature a maximum temperature of 220C and capacities of 1.67 CF and 4.5 CF respectively, making them suitable for a variety of purposes including drying, curing, and aging processes. Additionally, Cascade TEK offers side-mounted hand valve options, automation capabilities, and vacuum control features to enhance the usability and versatility of their vacuum ovens.

Overall, the Vacuum Ovens category provides researchers, scientists, and professionals with reliable and efficient equipment for precise temperature-controlled processes. Whether it's degassing, drying, aging, or curing, these vacuum ovens offer the necessary control and performance to meet the demands of various laboratory applications. With advanced features, durable construction, and a range of capacities to choose from, these vacuum ovens are essential tools for any serious laboratory setting.

For the perfect addition to your industrial lab, at Certified MTP, we have a range of elite vacuum ovens that’ll provide you with exceptional results time after time. Our superior-performance vacuum furnaces and the vacuum oven are perfect for a wide variety of lab applications that prevent heat transfer from convection, and we ensure each product has been created with quality in mind. 

With precise temperature control for fast and gentle drying, and the ability to work with heat-sensitive materials, our vacuum ovens are top of the range. For only the best results for your drying processes, our range of products, especially the vacuum oven, will provide top-class results you can count on every time. 

Alongside our excellent range of vacuum ovens, we also offer a wide range of vacuum pumps for your industrial lab. Whatever you need, Certified MTP has you covered with our comprehensive collection of high-quality products. 

Our Collection of Vacuum Ovens for Vacuum Drying

Vacuum ovens with digital and analog control configurations are used across various industries and are an essential piece of lab equipment. For precise drying using vacuum and heat, vacuum ovens are used for multiple processes, such as research and testing, sterilizing equipment, and drying and curing processes. 

A reliable, efficient vacuum oven is vital, as it can achieve optimum results and will help streamline your work process and progress toward the final goal. Certified MTP won’t let you down with the best vacuum ovens on the market.

Key Features and Benefits 

At Certified MTP, we understand the importance of precise temperature control and a vacuum oven’s vital role. Our vacuum drying ovens create a controlled environment, and they work effectively to provide you with superior results time and time again. 

Unmatched Quality 

For unmatched quality and long-lasting performance, our collection of vacuum ovens has been created to increase your productivity and provide efficient and fast drying. You can rely on our vacuum ovens to provide uniform drying for a streamlined production process. 

Our bestseller, the Gilson HM-923 ATS Vacuum Degassing Oven, is the ideal choice of vacuum oven for elite results. With its touchscreen controller and efficient feature to rapidly remove air-trapped air bubbles, this and all other vacuum drying ovens will meet your drying demands and cater to your specific needs and requirements. 

Top-Class Efficiency and Precise Temperature Control

Our range of vacuum ovens offers top-class efficiency alongside their excellent safety qualities and highly functional features. For consistent and reliable results, you can trust our vacuum ovens to provide accurate and uniform heating and drying, ensuring you achieve the optimum results for any scientific endeavor. 

Our Lab Companion AAH13326U, OV4-65 Vacuum Oven (65L), 120V, 60Hz, has a wide temperature range, and its use-convenience features make it the perfect lab addition. With outstanding safety features, such as the stainless steel door structure, and overheating protection system, it’s the ideal vacuum oven for you. 

At Certified MTP, we pride ourselves in our collection of high-quality ovens and our dedication to excellence and efficiency. For reliable, accurate, and effective processes time after time, explore our range of vacuum ovens today or contact us for more information. 


  1. What are the benefits of using a vacuum oven?

Using a vacuum oven has many benefits from conventional units, such as precise maximum temperatures and controls, digital display, efficient and fast drying, and gentle drying for heat-sensitive materials. They offer consistent and reliable results and are used for a wide range of applications in different settings. They’re the ideal addition to a workspace where achieving optimal drying and heating conditions is vital. 

  1. Are vacuum ovens with vacuum drying safe?

Vacuum ovens with a precise temperature control are safe to use as they come equipped with safety features such as temperature alarms and secure and well-functioning doors, and by keeping the vacuum oven clean and inspecting it regularly, you can ensure safety remains at the forefront. 

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