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A&D Scales

A&D scales have been providing precise measurements to various industries since 1977, and at Certified MTP, we take pride in offering you high-quality products for all your weighing needs. Our comprehensive collection of A&D scales includes electronic balances, weighing indicators, digital scales and more.

At Certified MTP, we understand the importance of precision and accuracy and aim to bring you the most effective products to help you meet your goals and requirements. Our A&D scales are ideal for various applications in laboratory settings, from compact balances that easily fit on your lab bench to platform scales that give accurate product readings.

Whether you need to weigh samples, to measure chemicals for solutions, or undergo quality control, our wide range of A&D scales will enhance your workflow and progress, ensuring you repeatedly achieve optimum results. 

Our Collection of A&D Scales

A team of dedicated experts have curated our exceptional range of A&D scales to provide you with accurate readings in the most concise and efficient way possible. With compact scales available, our scales are ideal for a wide range of applications in any setting, even for those with limited space. 

Key Features and Benefits 

Our collection of A&D scales can switch between multiple weighing units, ensuring all bases are covered. The scales can switch effortlessly between the units, meaning whether you need kilograms, ounces or pounds, the A&D scales will seamlessly convert, increasing efficiency in your workspace. 

Reliability and Versatility Counting Scales

A key feature of our range of A&D scales is the reliability of the products and the accurate results they will consistently provide. Created with robust and durable materials, you can count on our reliable scales to produce optimum results time after time, as well as the external calibration capability that ensures precision and accurate measurements. 

Our bestseller, the A&D HL-200i Ninja Balance, 200g X 0.1g, is a multi-functional, durable, compact scale with features that make it suitable for various applications. This multi functional platform scale and compact scale has a long battery life, multiple weighing units and an auto power-off function, making it a reliable and valuable addition to your lab. 

Dedication to Accuracy Bench Scales

Accuracy is one of the most crucial parts of any lab, especially when measuring and collecting data. Our collection of A&D scales are dedicated to accuracy and precision and are equipped with features to ensure superior results are achieved. The data weighing systems of the scales will enhance efficiency by helping to streamline your workflow. 

Our A&D Weighing SK-5001WP Washdown Compact Scale, 5000g X 1g, is just one example of our excellent products that are dedicated to providing you with the utmost accuracy and precision. With its robust stainless steel construction, weighing platform, and curved pan design limiting the need for an additional container, it’s the ideal choice for all your weighing needs. 

At Certified MTP, we bring you only the most reliable and effective products and weighing equipment to help streamline your workflow and keep it as efficient as possible. Explore our range of superior products today, shop the rest of our material testing scales or contact us for further information. regarding weighing applications and measurement solutions.

FAQs for A&D Scales

  1. What are A&D scales used for?

A&D scales, especially those with a stainless steel weighing pan, are used for accurate weighing in industries that require precise measurements, like scientific research, healthcare, retail and more. The high-quality design and advanced features of the scales make them ideal products for weighing and always providing excellent results. 

  1. What are the benefits of using A&D scales?

A&D scales with the stainless steel weigh pan have many benefits that make them reliable equipment for any laboratory, such as elite accuracy and precision, versatility, advanced features and excellent durability. They help streamline workflow and enhance processes, creating a more efficient and productive work environment and producing top-class results. So, if its large volume counting jobs requiring measurement equipment, the A&D scales bench scale and all A&D scales are an excellent choice.

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