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Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supplies

Industrial supplies encompass a wide range of products that are essential for various industrial applications and processes. From cutting mills and jaw crushers to bench/platform scales and muffle furnaces, this category offers a diverse selection of equipment and tools designed to meet the specific needs of industrial settings.

High-quality industrial supplies are crucial for ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and safety in industrial operations. For example, the RETSCH Disc Mill DM 200 and Cutting Mills SM 100 and SM 200 are designed for grinding and homogenizing materials with precision and reliability. On the other hand, the Gilson SC-15 Sample Stock Cart and Strike Off Bar provide convenient solutions for transporting and finishing samples in a laboratory or field environment.

In addition to equipment for material processing and handling, industrial supplies also include tools for measurement and analysis. Bench/platform scales like the A&D FG-30KBM and Ohaus V11P15T Valor Bench Scale offer accurate weight measurements, while the Thermolyne F48025-60 Muffle Furnace provides controlled heating for various applications.

Whether you are conducting research in a laboratory, performing quality control procedures in a manufacturing facility, or carrying out fieldwork, having access to reliable industrial supplies is essential for achieving consistent and high-quality results. Explore our wide selection of industrial supplies to find the products that best suit your specific needs and requirements.

Vestil TMS-20-DC-PTDS Tilt Master Strad DC/PTDS Power 2K

Vestil BOL-72-5.5-GYSG 72x5.5 Pipe Safety Bollard Gray

Vestil BOL-72-6.5 72x6.5 Pipe Safety Bollard Yellow

We recommend the Heavy Duty Asphalt Anchor for fastening.

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