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Greater than 100,000g (220.5 lb.)

Choose Readability presents the category of greater than 100,000g (220.5 lb.) products, specifically curated to provide accurate and efficient weighing solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial needs. This category showcases a variety of high-quality scales, balances, and platform scales from top brands like A&D, Ohaus, and Adam. With precision and durability as the primary focus, these products ensure reliable performance in various industries, including manufacturing, laboratories, warehouses, and more.

The A&D GP-102K Industrial Balance offers a capacity of 101000g x 1g, providing accurate measurements for industrial applications that require precise and consistent weighing. For bench scale needs, the Ohaus ES200L Bench Scale features a capacity of 440.8lb x 0.2lb, ensuring reliable measurements for small to medium-sized items. The Ohaus D32XW150VL Defender 3000 Bench Scale is another notable product in this category, with a capacity of 330lb x 0.05lb, providing high accuracy for commercial weighing needs.

For larger loads, the Ohaus VX32XW5000X Floor Scale is a reliable option that can handle up to 5000lb x 1lb. Similarly, the Ohaus VX32XW10000L Floor Scale and the Ohaus VX32XW10000X Floor Scale both offer a capacity of 10000lb x 2lb, ensuring accurate measurements for heavy loads. Additionally, the Ohaus VX32XW2500L Floor Scale and Ohaus VX32XW5000L Floor Scale cater to medium-sized loads with capacities of 2500lb x 0.5lb and 5000lb x 1lb, respectively.

The Ohaus VN31P5000L Floor Scale and Ohaus VN31P5000X Floor Scale deliver precise measurements with a capacity of 5000lb x 1lb, making them suitable for industrial applications. The Adam CPWplus 150 Bench and Floor Scale offers a capacity of 330lb x 0.1lb, while the Adam CPWplus 200 Bench and Floor Scale can support loads up to 440lb x 0.1lb. The Adam CPWplus 150P Bench and Floor Scale, with a capacity of 330lb x 0.1lb, ensures accurate measurements for versatile weighing needs.

In conclusion, the greater than 100,000g (220.5 lb.) category of Choose Readability presents a comprehensive range of scales and balances that prioritize accuracy and durability. From industrial balances to bench and floor scales, these products from renowned brands like A&D, Ohaus, and Adam provide reliable and precise measurements for a myriad of applications in various industries.