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Lab Supplies

Certified MTP has all of your professional lab equipment and lab supplies under one roof. We've got everything you need to get the job done.

Lab Supplies

Here you can browse our additional general lab supplies and lab equipment. Check out our ASTM reference books, browse our brushes, look at our crushers and pulverizers, or our environmental chambers. We also have fume hoodsgraduated cylinders and other glass apparatusesincubators and much more!

Find the right lab equipment for you! Also browse our selection of lab freezers and refrigeratorsmilling and grinding equipmentrecirculating coolersultrasonic bathsvacuum pumpsvortex mixers, and other tools below!

We know Material Testing Laboratory Equipment

We know your business depends on accuracy in measurements and reading. Fortunately, all our products are professional grade and precise in measurements. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll field your questions, help you find the exact laboratory equipment and lab chemicals you need, and let you know how to use it.

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The Lab category features a wide range of products specifically designed for laboratory use, research, and experimentation. From precision instruments to durable racks and decks, this category offers essential tools for professionals in various scientific fields.

One of the standout products in this category is the M.C. Miller 13175 Land & Seawater Kit with Silver/Silver Chloride Electrode, which is ideal for accurate measurements in both land and marine environments. Another noteworthy item is the Gas Powered Hammer Head with a 20in Removable Cross Handle, perfect for heavy-duty tasks in the lab.

For storage solutions, the Pallet Rack-Crown Wire Decks come in different sizes to accommodate various lab setups. These decks provide a stable and organized space for equipment and supplies. The AMS 58510 Hex Quick Pin Male to 5/8in Female Adapter is another handy tool for quick and easy connections in the lab.

In addition, the M.C. Miller VoltTab Dataloggers with Test Site Survey and Pipeline Survey Android Apps offer comprehensive data collection and analysis capabilities for accurate research insights. These dataloggers provide accurate results for experiments and studies.

Overall, the Lab category encompasses a diverse selection of products that cater to the specific needs of laboratory professionals. Whether conducting experiments, storing equipment, or collecting data, this category offers high-quality solutions and lab chemicals for a variety of scientific applications. 


Types of Laboratory Supplies and Equipment

Laboratory supplies and equipment are fundamental to the success and efficiency of any scientific research or medical laboratory. These tools are critical for conducting experiments, processing samples, and obtaining accurate results, which are essential for scientific discovery, quality control, medical diagnostics, and more. This overview will delve into the various types of lab supplies used in laboratory settings, their importance, and considerations for choosing the right equipment.

Laboratory Equipment: This includes a wide range of devices such as microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and autoclaves. Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose, from viewing microscopic organisms to separating substances or measuring light absorption in samples.

Lab Chemicals: Chemicals are crucial for conducting experiments. Laboratories require a steady supply of reagents and solvents like acids, bases, buffers, and indicators, which must be of high purity to ensure reliable experimental outcomes.

Labware: Common labware includes items like beakers, test tubes, flasks, and pipettes. These are essential for measuring, containing, or transferring liquids and other substances within the laboratory.

Consumables: These are items that are regularly used up and need replenishing, such as gloves, paper towels, filters, and plasticware. Consumables are crucial for maintaining a sterile and efficient workspace.

Safety Equipment: Proper laboratory function requires adherence to safety standards, which includes equipment like fume hoods, safety goggles, lab coats, and fire extinguishers. These tools help protect lab personnel from chemical exposures, burns, and other potential hazards.

Importance of Quality Laboratory Supplies

The quality of laboratory supplies directly influences the accuracy of test accurate results. High-quality equipment reduces the risk of errors and increases the reliability of laboratory data. This is crucial not only for academic and research institutions but also for industries where product quality and safety are regulated, such as pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

Choosing the Right Laboratory Supplies

When selecting laboratory supplies, several factors need to be considered:

Application Specificity: Choose supplies that are suited to the specific types of analyses or experiments being conducted. For instance, certain types of assays might require specialized types of tubes or plates.

Quality and Brand: Opt for supplies from reputable brands known for quality. Reliable suppliers mean fewer equipment failures and disruptions, which translates to consistent laboratory operations.

Stock and Availability: Maintain an adequate stock of essential supplies to ensure that the laboratory can function efficiently without delays. Good inventory practices help manage consumables effectively and ensure that items are available when needed.

Compatibility: Ensure that the equipment purchased is compatible with existing systems. For example, new analytical instruments should integrate smoothly with current data management systems.

Building a Reliable Laboratory

Building a reliable laboratory involves more than just purchasing equipment. It requires a strategic approach to select the right tools and manage resources effectively. Laboratories must keep abreast of technological advancements and update their equipment accordingly to stay competitive and capable of performing the latest analytical techniques.


Laboratory supplies and equipment are the backbone of any lab operation, playing a critical role in the success of its daily functions and long-term objectives. From basic labware to advanced instrumentation, each item in the laboratory serves a purpose towards achieving accurate, reliable results. For businesses and research institutions, investing in high-quality laboratory supplies is not just about having the right tools for the job—it's about building a foundation for scientific exploration and innovation for all customers.