Laboratory Incubators

The Laboratory Incubators category encompasses a wide range of specialized equipment designed to create controlled environments for the cultivation and growth of various biological specimens in laboratories. These incubators are essential tools used in scientific research, pharmaceutical development, microbiology, and other fields that require the precise manipulation of environmental conditions to facilitate the growth and study of organisms.

One of the featured products in this category is the Quincy Lab 10-140 Incubator, .7 Cu Ft, Analog, Acrylic Door. This incubator offers a compact yet efficient design, with a large internal capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. The analog controls allow users to easily adjust temperature and other parameters, while the acrylic door provides a clear view of the samples inside. Similar options include the Quincy Lab 12-140 Incubator, 2.0 Cu Ft, Analog, Acrylic Door, and the Quincy Lab 10-180 Incubator, .7 Cu Ft, Analog, Solid Steel Door, offering different sizes and door options to suit specific laboratory requirements.

For more advanced control and monitoring capabilities, the Quincy Lab 10-140E Incubator, .7 Cu Ft, Digital, Acrylic Door, and the Quincy Lab 12-140E Incubator, 2.0 Cu Ft, Digital, Acrylic Door are available. These models feature digital controls and display, allowing for precise and accurate temperature adjustment. The acrylic door ensures visibility of samples, making it easier to monitor without disrupting the environment.

In addition to traditional incubators, this category also includes specialized equipment such as the Lab Companion AAH23375U, ISF-7100 Orbital Floor Model Incubator Shaker. This versatile machine combines the functions of an incubator and a shaker, providing gentle agitation to promote cell growth and mixing of samples simultaneously.

Whether researchers, scientists, or pharmaceutical professionals are working on cell culture, microbiology, or biochemistry, the Laboratory Incubators category offers a diverse range of products to meet their specific needs. From basic analog models to advanced digital controls and specialty options such as orbital shakers, these incubators provide the necessary tools to create and maintain optimal growth environments for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

Certified MTP has a wide selection of laboratory incubators for the ideal stable and controlled environment with temperature control and almost every temperature range. We have laboratory incubators for various applications, from nucleic acid hybridization and environmental studies to immunoblotting and more. Our collection of laboratory incubators can meet your every need and provide you with a superior outcome every time. 

Our incubators, the refrigerated incubator, and ovens have innovative features to make your job easier, including timers, programmable settings for commonly used temperatures, observation windows, and automatic shaking speed adjustment, and that’s just scratching the surface. Dedicated experts have created our comprehensive collection to ensure you achieve optimum results, whatever you project needs. 

Our Collection of Laboratory Incubators with Mechanical Convection and Gravity Convection

At Certified MTP, we understand the vital role that laboratory incubators and play in providing accurate results with their precise temperature range control with temperature uniformity and the power to maintain temperatures as well as ambient temperature, and we’ve got reliable products that will aid your productivity and enhance your workflow. We have standard incubators for the most delicate experiments, ensuring optimum conditions for cell culture and biological samples. 

Laboratory incubators are essential tools for shelf life testing and play a vital role in labs, and we ensure we curate our products with quality and efficiency in mind. Our laboratory incubators with mechanical convection and the refrigerated incubator are designed to make the ideal environment with accurate temperature and controlled conditions, whether for cell biology, microbiology, pharmaceutical research, or more. 

Why Choose Us?

At Certified MTP, we take pride in the high quality of our products and aim to bring you the most reliable air incubators for your every need. All our laboratory incubators and refrigerated incubators have been carefully crafted to ensure the high demands of scientific research are met and exceeded. To optimize cell growth with elite temperature range control, precision, and more, we have the best incubators for you. 

For whatever you need a laboratory incubator for, from replicating a specific environment to undergoing biochemical reactions, we have top-of-the-range products that’ll fit seamlessly into your lab and increase your overall efficiency. 

Achieve Effective Results with the Laboratory Incubator

With broad temperature ranges, temperature control, cost-effective features, and more, our incubators accommodate your every need. With state-of-the-art features and advanced technology, from our digital to refrigerator incubators, our products provide even temperature distribution to ensure you create the ideal environment for your scientific endeavor. 

One of our bestsellers, the Lab Companion AAH28013U, IL-11-4C Low Temp Incubator 4-Chamber Model, is just one example of an excellent product in our extensive range. With its temperature range of 0C to 60C, the silent HBP compressor cooling system that reduces water evaporation within the chamber, and easy installation features, it’s the ideal choice for a reliable and effective incubator. 

Compact and Capable Laboratory Incubator

Compact stainless steel laboratory incubators may be the perfect choice if you’re short on space in your lab or are only planning on using an incubator sparingly or for small samples. We carry several top-of-the-line brands, including Bear, Quincy, and Lab Companion, with a standard incubator’s great functions in a smaller package. 

Our Lab Companion AAH24033U, ILP-02 Personal Low Temp Incubator (14L) is an ideal example of a compact laboratory incubator that’s been designed with space-saving in mind. This compact laboratory incubator is compact, stackable, and designed with Peltier technology, which generates little vibration, heat, and noise. 

Added Extras to the Laboratory Incubator with Microprocessor Controls 

Alongside our comprehensive collection of high-quality stainless steel laboratory incubators to fit your every need, we also have environmental chambers and additions such as wire shelves and racks for our incubated shakers. We’ve got everything you need to equip your lab with products that have been designed to put quality first and streamline your workflow, creating an efficient and productive work environment.

Our Lab Companion EDA8233 Wire Shelf For ISS-4075/R exemplifies the variety of high-quality added extras we can offer you. To create the most ideal and effective temperature controlled environment, this shelf is an excellent addition to help you achieve top-class results for your every need. 

At Certified MTP, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most reliable, effective, high-quality products. For the perfect laboratory incubator that optimizes your work environment and works to provide you with elite processes and outcomes, shop our range today, including our environmental chambers, or contact us for more information. 


  1. What are laboratory incubators used for?

Laboratory incubators are used for various reasons in the revolutionary science industry, such as cell culture for maintaining and growing cells in controlled environments, microbial culture for allowing researchers to study specific microbes, biochemical oxygen demand for creating a stable climate for reactions to occur, and more such as bacterial cultures and microbiological cultures and most clinical applications. Incubators work to create uniform temperature distribution and have precise temperature controls, making them a vital laboratory essential. 

  1. What are the advantages of using a lab incubator?

In laboratory settings and the field of scientific research, lab incubators have many advantages, such as precise temperature stability and control, uniform temperature distribution, and reproducibility. Using a lab incubator, you can create a controlled, stable, and measured environment that you can reproduce to enhance the efficacy of your scientific research.

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