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Cement and Concrete Mortar Penetrometers

The Cement and Concrete Mortar Penetrometers category offers a range of precision instruments that are essential for determining the correct set time of concrete and cement mixes. Certified Material Testing Products is proud to provide the Acme Mortar Penetrometer for lab use, as well as the Hand-Held Mortar Penetration Resistance Apparatus for field use.

The Mortar Penetrometer measures penetration resistance, allowing for accurate determination of the set time of concrete and cement mixes. This process is crucial in ensuring the quality and durability of construction projects. By utilizing these penetrometers, professionals can make informed decisions about when it is safe to proceed with further construction activities.

In this category, you will find a variety of products designed for different applications. The Concrete Initial Set Pocket Penetrometer (Dial Type) is a portable and easy-to-use instrument that provides accurate measurements. It is suitable for both field and laboratory use.

For more extensive testing in a controlled environment, the Acme Mortar Penetrometer is a bench-top instrument that offers high precision and reliability. This penetrometer is ideal for detailed analysis and research purposes.

In addition to the penetrometers themselves, we also offer various accessories and supplementary products. The Concrete/Mortar Pocket Penetrometer is a compact and lightweight tool that can be easily carried on-site. Concrete/Mortar Penetrometer Adapter Foot provides additional versatility and compatibility.

For data collection and record-keeping purposes, the Humboldt H-4133F Data Sheets, Time of Set are available. These sheets allow for easy documentation and analysis of test results.

The Cement and Concrete Mortar Penetrometers category provides professionals in the construction industry with the necessary tools to ensure the proper setting of concrete and cement mixes. Whether in the lab or in the field, our products offer accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Trust Certified Material Testing Products for all your penetrometer needs.

Cement and concrete mortar penetrometers are supplied complete and are essential tools for testing the consistency and hardening characteristics of cement and concrete mixes, according to AASHTO T197. These penetrometers are designed to measure the resistance and penetration of mortars sieved using a needle or sliding ring.

The penetrometer is supplied as a complete unit, including a carrying case for easy transportation and storage. It follows the guidelines and standards set by organizations such as AASHTO T197. The device consists of a graduated dial, a spring-loaded needle or sliding ring, and a mechanism to position and hold the test specimen during setting time.

To conduct the test, the mortars sieved are prepared and sieved to ensure uniformity. The test specimen is placed in the penetrometer, and the needle or sliding ring is gradually applied to the surface of the mortar and setting time. The resistance encountered during penetration resistance is measured by the dial or the displacement of the sliding ring. This measurement provides an indication of the consistency and hardening properties of the cement or concrete mixes.

The concrete mortar penetrometer penetrometer is particularly useful in field applications, as it allows for quick and easy testing in various areas. The device is provided with a carrying case, which ensures its protection and facilitates its transportation to different testing sites.

The concrete mortar penetrometer penetrometer is designed to operate within a specific range, typically indicated on the device. The rate of penetration resistance is shown on the graduated dial, allowing for accurate and consistent measurements. The concrete mortar penetrometer penetrometer is capable of measuring penetration depths ranging from 1 to 20 mm, depending on the specific model and application.

Overall, cement and concrete mortar penetrometers are supplied complete with all the essential tools in the construction and materials testing industries. They provide valuable information about the consistency and hardening characteristics of cement and concrete mixtures, allowing engineers and technicians to assess the quality and performance of these materials in various applications.