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10,000g to 29,999g (22.0 lb. to 66.2 lb.)

Category Description: Choose Readability

Welcome to the 10,000g to 29,999g (22.0 lb. to 66.2 lb.) category, where accuracy and precision meet readability. In this category, you will find a wide range of products that excel in delivering clear and easily readable measurements, ensuring that you can quickly and confidently obtain the exact weight you need.

Whether you are in a laboratory, industrial setting, or a professional environment, readability is crucial. That's why the products in this category have been carefully selected to provide you with the best options available. With a variety of balances, scales, and platforms to choose from, you can easily find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Our selection includes renowned brands such as Ohaus and A&D, known for their exceptional quality and accuracy. The Ohaus Explorer EX10202 Analytical Balance, for example, offers a remarkable accuracy of 0.01g for weights up to 10200g. This level of precision ensures that you can confidently carry out your analytical procedures with ease.

For those seeking NTEP certified balances, the Ohaus Explorer EX10202N and EX10201N are perfect options. These balances meet the highest standard of accuracy and are suitable for both legal-for-trade and commercial applications.

If you require a rugged and durable solution for industrial purposes, the A&D GP-12K Industrial Balance and GP-20K Industrial Balance offer excellent readability with robust construction. Designed to withstand harsh environments, these balances deliver precise measurements with a readability of 0.1g.

For larger weights, we have a range of bench scales and platforms. The Ohaus ES30R Bench Scale and D31P30BR Defender 3000 Bench Scale offer readability of 0.05lb and 0.01lb, respectively, making them ideal for various industrial applications. Moreover, the Ohaus V71P15T and V71P30T Valor Bench Scales, with their 0.001lb readability, are perfect for commercial use.

Whether you need an analytical balance, an industrial scale, or a bench platform, our selection in the 10,000g to 29,999g category guarantees top-notch readability. So, why settle for anything less than clear and accurate measurements? Choose from our reliable products and experience the ease and confidence that readability brings to your work.