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30,000g to 49,999g (66.2 lb. to 110.2 lb.)

The 30,000g to 49,999g (66.2 lb. to 110.2 lb.) product category offers a wide range of reliable and accurate weighing solutions for industrial and laboratory applications. Whether you are weighing large quantities of materials or precise measurements, this category provides a variety of options to meet your specific needs.

One of the notable products in this category is the A&D GP-30K Industrial Balance, with a capacity of 31000g x 0.1g. This balance is designed for heavy-duty use, providing consistent accuracy and durability in demanding environments. Similarly, the A&D GP-40K Industrial Balance offers a higher capacity of 41000g x 0.5g, making it suitable for larger weighing tasks.

For analytical and research applications, the Ohaus Explorer EX35001 Analytical Balance excels with a capacity of 35kg x 0.1g. This balance offers exceptional precision and advanced features to enhance weighing accuracy and efficiency in laboratory settings.

In addition to balances, this category also includes bench scales and floor scales. The Ohaus ES50R and ES50L Bench Scales both provide a capacity of 110.2lb x 0.05lb, making them ideal for weighing heavy items in industrial and commercial environments. The Ohaus SD35 Bench Scale offers a capacity of 77lb x 0.05lb, while the Radwag WL-223-0007 PM 35.C32 Precision Balance boasts a capacity of 30000g x 0.1g, providing reliable and precise measurements.

For versatile weighing needs, the Adam CPWplus 35 series offers multiple options such as the Bench and Floor Scale, the Bench and Floor Scale with pillar, the Bench and Floor Scale with moisture analyzer, and the Bench and Floor Scale with large platform. All variants have a capacity of 75lb x 0.02lb, allowing for accurate measurements in diverse settings.

Other products in this category include the Adam EBL 32001e and EBL 32001p Eclipse Precision Balances, with a capacity of 32000g x 0.1g, and the Adam GBC 70a Bench Counting Scale, the Adam GBK 70a Bench Checkweighing Scale, and the Adam GB 70a Platform Scale, all offering a capacity of 70lb x 0.002lb.

In conclusion, the 30,000g to 49,999g (66.2 lb. to 110.2 lb.) product category presents a wide selection of dependable and accurate weighing solutions suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. These products offer the precision, durability, and versatility required for precise and efficient measurements.