Sieve Shaker Machines

Sieve Shakers

Are you on the hunt for specialized laboratory equipment for particle separation? Explore our extensive collection of sieve shaker machines for particle size determination and analysis.

Here at Certified MTP, we provide a series of stacked sieves with varying mesh sizes. This equipment can help you separate and study particles, allowing reliable quality assurance in a range of manufacturing and research industries. 

Choose from one of the largest selections of sieve shaker machines for sale in the US. Whether your application calls for the sieving of aggregate, minerals, foods, ores, or fine powders, we have the right sieve shaker machine to get the job done. 

Learn more about our sieve shakers below. 

Features and Benefits of Our Sieve Shaker Machines

Sieve shakers must provide reliable and accurate particle size analysis to improve your final product. Understanding this fundamental tool ensures you’re buying the right aggregate equipment for your testing needs. 

  • Vibration type and amplitude adjustment: You can control the pattern and intensity of the shaking motion. Choosing a vibration type enables motion customization while amplitude adjustment is about regulating the magnitude of the vibration. In turn, you will reduce the risk of sieve damage. 

  • Digital timer and controls: Our advanced sieve shakers have digital controls for automated operations. This maintains consistent sieve shaker settings, minimizing human error. 

  • Noise reduction: Sieve shakers made with soundproof materials or dampening mechanisms won’t disrupt your daily activities. You can work in a comfortable setting and transfer the equipment to noise-sensitive labs. 

  • Stackable and compact design: We provide sieve shakers that allow multiple units to be stacked for better storage. This makes it easier to use more than one machine for simultaneous testing. 

  • Sieve compatibility: A sieve shaker comes in various sieve sizes and types, making it versatile for many applications in the material testing industry. You can buy machines with a diameter of 12 inches or regular sieve shakers that are 8 inches, depending on your project. 

  • Portable and durable: Our sieve shakers are lightweight and portable, making them convenient for fieldwork or on-site testing. Durable sieve shakers or test sieves also reduce the need for regular repairs.

Sieve Shaker Machines for a Variety of Applications

Sieve shakers are beneficial for wide-ranging applications that require particle size analysis and classification alongside quality control. 

For example, you can use sieve shakers to evaluate dry materials such as aggregates, sand, and cement. This analysis is crucial for meeting construction standards and ensuring the particle size distribution matches your project’s specifications. On the other hand, laboratories in the research and development industries need sieve shakers to evaluate soil fertility, erosion, and pollutant transport. Wet sieving in any of the mechanical shakers with electromagnetic vibratory action are perfect for many lab applications as well.

Our laboratory sieve shaker machines for 3-inch diameter test sieves offer a compact size and small footprint for any testing lab. Our popular motorized sieve shaker for 3-inch sieves will accommodate up to 6 sieves and has a durable 1/20 HP motor that is perfect for small samples.

The sieving machines for 8-inch diameter sieves offer quality that outperforms comparably priced equipment while also maintaining the high standards for material testing accepted by various state and federal departments, and certification agencies. The economy 8” sieve shaker holds six full-height sieves and is enclosed in a durable metal case.

Choosing the Right Sieve Shaker 

You must consider a few factors before choosing your sieve shaker. The mechanical sieve shakers include your testing volume, sample size, budget, and preferred agitation methods. It’s also important to check the project’s guidelines before deciding on a vibration type and control option. Mechanical shakers use a gyratory motion to agitate the sieves while an electromagnetic shaker uses a magnetic field to vibrate the sieve stack. 

At Certified MTP, we also provide the full line of mechanical sieve shakers such as the ro-tap sieve shaker machines by W.S. Tyler. With its unique 278 oscillations and 150 taps per minute, the RX-29 ro-tap sieve shaker is the industry standard in high-performance wet sieving. And if noise reduction is needed in your lab or testing environment, the sound enclosures for RX-29 & RX-30 ro-tap shakers reduce noise levels from 85dB to 60dB.

Certified Material Testing Products is also one of the exclusive retailers of Retsch sieve shakers in the US. The Retsch tap sieve shaker is maintenance-free and fulfills all the criteria related to ISO 9001 for particle separation.

At Certified MTP, we are also the leading sell of the Gilson company products including all of the sieve shaker machines with limited moving parts, test sieves for particle separation, and hand sieving with no moving parts.

Buy a Sieve Shaker Machine from Certified MTP with Manufacturer Warranty

Sieve shakers are invaluable tools for particle size analysis. Their ability to separate particles based on size makes them perfect for quality control, research and development, and process optimization. 

Our sieve shaker machines used for test sieves with a variety of sieve diameters are for sale and come with a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, are in stock, and ship today. Buy sieve shaker machines online from our large selection of aggregate equipment, test sieves, and other products from Certified MTP for reproducible results, reliable results, and repeatable results in you lab. For more guidance on choosing the right sieve stack or machine, contact us