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SHRP Road Test Equipment

At Certified MTP, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and reliable highways. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of SHRP Road Test Equipment. Developed as part of the Strategic Highway Research Program, this equipment is designed to assess and improve the performance of our nation's roads.

In our SHRP Road Test Equipment category, you'll find a range of essential tools to help you conduct thorough road tests. We offer top-of-the-line degassing ovens, such as the Gilson HM-923 ATS Vacuum Degassing Oven, which are used to remove air bubbles from asphalt samples. These ovens ensure accurate testing results by eliminating the potential for false readings.

For the evaluation of asphalt binders, we provide Bending Beam Rheometers, including the Gilson HM-59 and HM-73 models. These instruments measure the physical properties of asphalt and help determine its resistance to cracking and deformation under various conditions. We also offer the Gilson HMA-348R Aluminum Bending Beam Rheometer Beam Molds, which come in a set of five, allowing you to perform multiple tests efficiently.

To compact asphalt mixtures and assess their compactability, our category includes gyratory compactors like the Gilson HM-685 Superpave Gyratory Compactor. This machine helps simulate the compaction process and allows you to measure the specimen's volumetric properties accurately.

In addition to the core testing equipment, we also stock various accessories and supplementary tools. Products such as rolling thin film oven tongs, specimen pans, and bottle cooling racks ensure that you have all the necessary resources to conduct comprehensive SHRP road tests.

At Certified Material Testing Products, we are committed to providing high-quality equipment at competitive prices. Our SHRP Road Test Equipment category showcases trusted brands like Gilson and Anton Paar, ensuring reliability and accuracy in your testing process.

Investing in SHRP Road Test Equipment is essential for maintaining and improving our nation's highways. With Certified MTP, you can trust that you'll find the equipment you need to conduct thorough and accurate road tests. Browse our selection today and take a step towards creating safer and more reliable roads.