Aggregate Sieves

Whether you're testing the gradation of soil particles at a construction site or finding the appropriate content for concrete and asphalt mixes, you'll find the aggregate test sieves for the job at Certified Material Testing Products. Choose from frame wet wash sieves, mesh sieves, and covers in a variety of sizes and materials, including brass, stainless steel and non-metallic for easy specimen monitoring. Our aggregate sieves are economically priced while also being some of the best in the industry to ensure you achieve ASTM and ISO compliance for every test. Get started below with our wide selection of aggregate test sieves, parts and more.

Aggregate Test Sieves

When you perform any sort of sieve analysis with an aggregate test sieve, it's crucial that your method is compliant with ASTM or ISO standards. These requirements extend not just to the wire mesh used to filter organic and non-organic specimens, but also to the frames that hold and stack them together.

At Certified Material Testing Products, you'll find that all of our aggregate sieves are made of ASTM and ISO compliant materials, including brass, stainless steel and cloth. Our test sieve frames and covers also nest together according to these national and international specifications from our 3 inch ASTM sieves to 300mm ISO test sieves.   When you choose our products, you can feel confident that your civil engineering project will yield accurate results that meet the most important standards in the industry. If you have further questions about our aggregate sieves or other material testing products, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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