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Asphalt Pavement Testing Equipment

The Asphalt Pavement Testing Equipment category is dedicated to high-quality tools and instruments designed specifically for testing and analyzing asphalt pavements. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, or researcher, this category offers a wide range of products to meet your needs.

One of the key products in this category is the Gilson CD-6 Electric Core Drill. This powerful and efficient core drill is ideal for extracting asphalt core samples with precision and ease. Similarly, the Gilson CD-1 Gas-Powered Core Drill provides a reliable option for those who prefer gas-powered equipment.

To assist with core retrieval, the Gilson CDA-26, 18" Core Drilling Strap Wrench is a must-have tool. It ensures a secure grip on core samples during extraction, allowing for safe and efficient retrieval. Additionally, the Gilson CDA-15 and CDA-16 Core Retrieval Tongs are available for different core sizes, ensuring compatibility with various drilling projects.

For accurate measurements, the Karol-Warner MA-366 Dial Indicator and Asphalt Depth Gauge are essential tools. These instruments provide precise measurements of asphalt depths and allow for accurate assessment and analysis.

In the field of permeability testing, the Karol-Warner 9110 and 9111 Lab Asphalt Permeameters are widely used. These devices enable researchers to evaluate the permeability of different asphalt specimens, helping to optimize pavement designs.

In addition to testing equipment, this category also includes accessories and supplementary items. The Gilson APA-120 and APA-105 Manometers are designed specifically for lab asphalt permeameters, ensuring accurate and reliable readings. The Gilson APA-18 and APA-22 NCAT Asphalt Permeameter accessories and sealant further enhance the functionality and versatility of these testing devices.

Furthermore, the category offers products such as drill bit expanders, pendulum skid resistance testers, and Superpave ovens for comprehensive asphalt testing and analysis.

Overall, the Asphalt Pavement Testing Equipment category provides professionals in the construction, engineering, and research fields with the necessary tools to evaluate the quality, performance, and durability of asphalt pavements. With these reliable and accurate testing instruments at hand, users can make informed decisions to optimize asphalt construction and ensure long-lasting and safe pavements.

Asphalt Pavement Testing Equipment

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