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KOR-IT K-512 Sewer Pipe Tap

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KOR-IT K-512 Hand Held Sewer Pipe Tap is a great drill for civil and general contractors who need to punch a hole into precast sewer mains and sewer pipes in the field. The K-512 is also a great choice for contractors who need to punch a large diameter hole in concrete tilt ups or driveways. Landscape contractors and general contractors use this gasoline core drill as well for various jobs due to its portability. With the K-512 Gasoline Core Drill in your equipment fleet you’ll find many uses for this handy tool. The K-512 comes with a safety clutch built in so the drill operator won’t suffer an injury if the core bit binds.

KOR-IT stands behind this product with our LIFETIME Warranty. You can read about our warranty by clicking here. We exclusively use a Honda 4-cycle gasoline engine. Honda carries a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty directly.

The K-512 Gasoline Core Drill can only be used outdoors because of the emissions.

  • One person, portable hand held sewer pipe tap
  • Designed to core drill into precast concrete sewer mains and pipes
  • Light Weight 22 lbs drill head
  • 4-cycle gasoline powered engine, 31cc drill faster.
  • Perfect for 6″-12″ bit diameters
  • Drill vertical, horizontal, inverted or at any angle in between.
  • Heavy-duty, quad precision ball bearing gear box
  • Optimum gear ratio for fast, economical drilling
  • Minimize time required for each job drill faster with gasoline power.
  • Easy to use and quick to set up

The KOR-IT K-512 Sewer Pipe Tap is the perfect tool for civil and general contractors who need to punch holes into precast sewer mains and sewer pipes in the field. With its lightweight and portable design, this drill can easily be taken anywhere, making it a versatile choice for contractors.

One of the standout features of the K-512 is its safety clutch, which prevents any potential injuries to the drill operator if the core bit binds. This built-in safety feature gives contractors peace of mind while working on their projects.

KOR-IT takes pride in standing behind their products, which is why they offer a lifetime warranty for the K-512. This shows their confidence in the durability and quality of their drill. Additionally, the K-512 is powered by a Honda 4-cycle gasoline engine, known for its reliability. Honda also provides a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, further ensuring the longevity of the drill.

Designed specifically for outdoor use due to emissions, the K-512 is ideal for coring holes into precast concrete sewer mains and pipes. The drill head weighs only 22 lbs, making it easy to carry and handle. Its 31cc 4-cycle gasoline powered engine allows for faster drilling, saving contractors time and increasing efficiency.

The K-512 is designed for 6"-12" bit diameters, making it suitable for a variety of projects. It can drill vertically, horizontally, and at any angle in between, providing flexibility and adaptability for different job requirements. The heavy-duty, quad precision ball bearing gear box ensures smooth operation and optimum gear ratio for fast and economical drilling.

Setting up and using the K-512 is quick and easy, allowing contractors to get to work right away. Its portability and versatile capabilities make it a valuable addition to any equipment fleet. With the K-512, contractors can tackle various jobs with efficiency and confidence.

In conclusion, the KOR-IT K-512 Sewer Pipe Tap is a reliable and versatile drill that is perfect for civil and general contractors. Its safety features, powerful engine, and ease of use make it an essential tool for any construction site. Invest in the KOR-IT K-512 to experience its durability and efficiency for yourself.
KOR-IT KoR-IT K-512 Sewer Pipe Tap

KOR-IT K-512 Sewer Pipe Tap