Asphalt Testing Equipment for Today's Roads

Browse our asphalt testing equipment at Certified Materials Testing Products online. From SHRP equipment to flash testers, we carry the best products for testing your asphalt for highest quality roads, parking lots, and roofing. Shop for our asphalt testing supplies for your mixture for quality, viscosity, binding, and to meet industry and regulatory standards. Order high-quality asphalt testing equipment today!

Asphalt Testing Supplies

Keep your lab stocked with all the necessary testing supplies. We have supplies for testing pavement, including permeameter, depth gauge, dial indicators and much more! Check the density, binders, and impact of asphalt with the proper equipment from CMTP. We carry a large inventory of asphalt testing equipment for testing in the lab and field testing.

Asphalt testing equipment is a must, considering asphalt's popularity as a paving material. Asphalt, a mixture of aggregate like rocks or sand combined with bitumen as a binder, is the most widely used material for paving surfaces in the United States. Crews use asphalt to cover roads, bridges, parking lots, airport runways and more.

As axle loads and traffic volumes continue to increase, the demands on asphalt pavement only grow. Asphalt has to endure a wide range of variables, including thermal variations, rutting, hydraulic pressure from water and high load cycles. Asphalt testing supplies ensure this ever-popular material is up to the strain.

Asphalt Testing in All Conditions

Asphalt testing is an integral part of the construction process from the earliest material design stages. Tests are necessary to determine the material's durability and performance characteristics, such as specific gravity, strength, permeability, shear strength, fatigue resistance and air void content. These assessments can include mix design, binder and pavement quality testing. Asphalt mixtures must face continued lab and field testing to ensure they're suitable for production purposes.

Asphalt Lab Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Certified MTP is the leading provider of asphalt lab equipment, testing thermometers and asphalt testing solutions. Our extensive collection of asphalt lab equipment includes beakers, flasks, bench top mixers and sample containers. The Gilson asphalt testing equipment we offer complies with AASHTO and ASTM industry standards for Superpave and Marshall binder, mix design and pavement quality assessments. The proper testing will ensure your asphalt resists load and environmental conditions.

Beyond Asphalt Testing Supplies

Our asphalt testing supplies are second to none, but we're also the go-to provider of a wide range of testing equipment for other materials, including concrete and cement. Our concrete testing supplies include corrosion testing equipment like Proceq Resipod Resistivity Meters, Emodumeters and large vacuum chambers. No matter what type of pavement, Certified MTP has the testing equipment you need to complete your project.

Asphalt Testing Equipment You Can Rely On

When you want to find asphalt lab equipment for sale, look no further than Certified MTP. We offer tried and true asphalt testing equipment from major manufacturers. As your trusted partner, we stand behind all the asphalt testing supplies we sell. You can depend on Certified MTP to constantly seek the best equipment for your testing purposes. Our highly trained technical staff and customer service representatives stand ready to help you find the best equipment for your material evaluations.

For Reliable Asphalt Testing Equipment, Trust Certified MTP

Certified MTP offers asphalt testing equipment for sale that meets your most exacting requirements. You can rely on our testing supplies for repeatable, reliable testing results. Start shopping now for the asphalt testing equipment you need.

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