Length Comparator with Mechanical Dial Indicator

ASTM Standard:
ASTM Standard:
ASTM C1012/1012M
ASTM Standard:
ASTM Standard:
ASTM Standard:
ASTM Standard:
ASTM Standard:
AASHTO Standard:
R 70M/R 70
AASHTO Standard:
T 107M/T 107

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Length Comparator with Mechanical Dial Indicator

Length Comparator for precise measurement of length changes in 10in (254mm) cement, mortar, and concrete specimens, and includes an Invar Reference Bar for exact zeroing of the dial or digital indicator. Stationary and movable anvils fit Gauge Studs cast into test specimens. Available models are equipped with either a dial or digital indicator mounted on a sturdy vertical support stand attached to a triangular base with an adjustable terminal and collar.

Designed to test specimens up to 4x4x10in (102x102x254mm) cross-section, but 1x1x10in (25x25x254mm) prisms are normal.

HM-250 with Dial Indicator has a 3.625in (92mm) Dia. mechanical dial gauge marked from 0-10, with a range of 0.4in (10mm) and gradations of .0001in (.003mm).

Gage Studs for Mortar Bars are required for use with the cement prism molds.


  • Models available with Digital or Dial Indicator
  • Precisely measures length changes in 10in mortar bar specimens
  • Meets ASTM and AASHTO requirements
  • Mounted on upright support and solid base

Included Items:

  • Length Comparator with Digital or Dial Indicator
  • Invar Reference Bar
  • Stationary and Mobile Anvils
  • Support Stand and Base
  • Two lithium batteries
  • Adapter cord (HM-250D Digital Indicator model)
  • 11 x 11.5 x 17in (279 x 292 x 432mm), WxDxH

Meets Test Methods:

ASTM C227 , ASTM C1260 , ASTM C1012/1012M , ASTM C151/151M , ASTM C157/157M , ASTM C490/490M , AASHTO R 70M/R 70 , AASHTO T 107M/T 107

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Length Comparator with Mechanical Dial Indicator

Length Comparator with Mechanical Dial Indicator