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Liquid and Atterberg Limits Test Equipment

Certified Material Testing Products provides equipment for the Atterberg Limits and Liquid Limit tests as part of a complete line of soil test equipment for your lab. The Atterberg Limts test measures the water contents of fine grain soil to determine the plastic, shrinkage, and liquid limit of your soil. Shop our selection of Atterberg Limits Test Equipment to help you perform your next test in the lab or out in the field.

Featured Atterberg Limits Test Equipment

Our extensive selection of testing equipment offers everything you need to perform the Atterberg Limits test for your soil sample. The Motorized Liquid Limit with Counter is the most accurate and designed to measure water content at which soil changes from liquid to plastic state. The Accessory Set for Liquid & Plastic Limits provides items necessary to perform liquid and plastic limit tests.

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