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Waterproof Thermometers

Waterproof Thermometers

Choose from our selection of Waterproof Thermometers for your industrial lab application. These easy-to-use waterproof thermometers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use to withstand rain, moisture, or other precipitation. These waterproof thermometers include a number of features for measuring temperature including automatically logging data and monitoring refrigerators, storage rooms, greenhouses, or other environments.

Featured Waterproof Thermometers

The popular Taylor Pocket Digital Thermometer features an LED backlit display, Max/Min memory, and hold functions. Our other waterproof thermometers include the Sper Scientific RH Datalogger and the Traceable High Accuracy Thermometer. Certified Material Testing Products offers Waterproof Thermometers that are the perfect choice for your next job. Browse our large variety of thermometers for your next project!

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