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Aggregate Equipment for Testing 

Our team of experts, like John Deere, put all their effort into meeting your specific requirements for aggregate equipment, and we have a wide variety of aggregate equipment for everything you need. Whether you’re involved in concrete production, road construction or building projects, Certified MTP has the testing equipment to streamline the aggregate production process for a superior outcome as well as the best brands, like John Deere.

Our Bestselling Aggregate Equipment and Screening Equipment

Our bestseller, the Gilson TSA-170 Fine Sieve Cleaning Brush, is just one aggregate equipment example of our reliable aggregate equipment and perfect for aggregate washing equipment. The soft, natural bristles ensure precision and a high-quality final outcome. 

For a fast and convenient method of cleaning and collecting contents for weighing separated fractions in aggregate equipment, our bestselling Gilson TSA-167 Clean-N-Weigh Accessory is the ideal choice and its kept in inventory. Experience a superior performance with this practical product for accurate analysis with sturdy painted-steel construction. 

Our Gilson SSA-22 Durability Index Apparatus Washing Vessel is in inventory and supplied with a lid, gasket and lid clamps. As one of our bestsellers, the stainless steel construction makes it a durable choice to ensure only the best results over the long term.

What makes our aggregate equipment the best? 

Our aggregate equipment and aggregate washing equipment is created with the outcome in mind. We understand the vital role of the creation process and the impact of testing materials at this stage. At Certified MTP, our range of products and new equipment is designed to achieve a high standard, and our dedicated team of experts aim to provide you with the best solutions for aggregate testing.

Safety is a crucial reason why aggregate testing equipment is essential: you can detect contaminants and harmful materials in the supply. Seeing anything that may compromise the safety of people and the result of the construction work is one of the reasons why aggregate testing is important, and our wide range of products will ensure all bases are covered. 

Quality Assurance and Operation with Aggregate Equipment

At Certified MTP, we ensure all our products, especially the Aggregate Equipment, operate with a cutting-edge solution that meet your specific requirements. Our aggregate equipment provides superior performance, ensuring customer satisfaction. For John Deere equipment that stands the test of time, you can count on our collection of aggregate testing products that are built to succeed and last. 

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At Certified MTP, we understand the importance of reliable aggregate equipment and supplies and their impact on the aggregate production process. We supply everything from aggregate sieves and washing equipment to durability tests and abrasion machines. Our classification aggregate devices check for impurities in the aggregate, perform sand equivalent tests, or classify the aggregate particles and John Deere aggregate equipment as well.

We have a wide range of testing aggregate equipment to supply and ensure all aggregate equipment is tested and safe at all stages of the production process. Our products and brands, such as John Deere, can be used for quality control, performance evaluation, safety assurance and more. 


  1. Why is it important to test aggregates?

Before using aggregates in construction, it’s essential to test aggregate machines to ensure they’re suitable for their purpose and to assess their properties and quality. Testing equipment like screening plants, screening equipment, aggregate washing equipment, and sieves allows you to ensure the aggregate will provide the best outcome for your construction project. 

  1. What are aggregate sieves and aggregate sieve machines and screening equipment used for? 

Aggregate sieves are used for determining the particle size distribution, and this process is also known as sieve analysis. At Certified MTP, our wide range of sieves come in various sizes and are a vital part of the testing process to ensure the aggregate’s performance and workability is as it should be.

  1. What are the benefits of using aggregate testing materials?

Testing aggregate has many benefits, such as assessing their productivity and compliance with standards within the industry and specific project requirements. Using high-quality, reliable testing equipment and supplies can ensure the aggregate is fit for use within the construction industry. 

  1. How often should you test aggregate during a construction project?

The amount of time that aggregate testing should be completed depends on various factors, such as the specific requirements for the project, industry standards and the role of the aggregate. Usually, during the stages of the aggregate production process, regular testing is recommended to keep up with quality control and ensure the aggregate will achieve the best results. 

View the full line of Aggregate Moisture Testing Equipment, especially the popular Aggregate/Sand Moisture Measurement System

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