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Asphalt Binder Testing

The Asphalt Binder Testing category offers a range of products designed to accurately assess the viscosity and performance of asphalt binders. These products are essential for ensuring the quality and consistency of asphalt materials used in road construction and maintenance.

One of the key products in this category is the High-Temperature Mineral Oil Bath Fluid. This fluid is specially formulated to maintain a consistent temperature range required for testing asphalt binders. It provides an ideal environment for conducting viscosity tests and ensures accurate results.

Another important product in this category is the Gilson PT-111 Asphalt Institute Vacuum Viscometer. Available in different sizes and viscosity ranges, these vacuum viscometers allow for precise measurement of the flow characteristics of asphalt binders. They are widely used in laboratories and research facilities to determine the performance properties of asphalt materials.

The Gilson PT-101 to PT-110 Zeitfuchs Viscometers are also a part of this category. These viscometers are designed to measure the kinematic viscosity of asphalt binders in a wide range of viscosities. With different sizes and viscosity ranges, these viscometers provide researchers and technicians with the tools needed to accurately evaluate the flow behavior of asphalt binders under various conditions.

To complement these viscometers, the Saybolt Viscometer Brass Tube and Stainless Steel Tube are included in this category. These tubes are essential components of the Saybolt Viscometer system used to determine the viscosity of asphalt binders at lower temperatures. They are made from high-quality materials that ensure accurate and reliable results.

Lastly, the Saybolt Viscometer Orifice Wrench is also featured in this category. This wrench is designed for use with Universal or Furol orifices, allowing for easy installation and removal during viscosity testing. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and efficiency.

Overall, the products in the Asphalt Binder Testing category are essential for accurately assessing the flow characteristics and performance properties of asphalt binders. Whether in laboratories or research facilities, these products provide professionals with the tools they need to ensure the quality and consistency of asphalt materials used in road construction and maintenance projects.

Asphalt Binder Testing

If you are looking for asphalt binder testing equipment, you’ve come to the right place! Certified Material Testing Products carries an expansive litany of state of the art asphalt binding testing equipment designed to measure the viscosity of a binding agent, as well as several other stats.

Our Asphalt Binder Testing Equipment Selection

Our Certified Material Testing Products warehouse has a stockpile of top of the line binder ignition systemsrotational viscometersconstant temperature viscosity baths, dispensing melting potsdraindown baskets, ductility testers, dynamic shear rheometerRotaVapor apparatus systemsSaybolt viscometers, and vacuum regulators! Surely we’ve got the right asphalt binder testing equipment to test and measure your asphalt binder properties.

Don’t forget, we carry all sorts of materials testing equipment. Browse the rest of our store for asphalt content equipment, or extraction equipment. We carry products including flash testersrice testersspecific gravity testing equipment, and other products from our selection of asphalt testing equipment listings.

Contact Us About Asphalt Binder Testing Equipment

If you’re curious about the purpose of a product, it’s dimensional statistics, or how to use our asphalt binder testing equipment, remember that you can always contact us. Certified Material Testing Products includes a warehouse staffed by a team of know how professionals, so we can aid you in connecting with the equipment you need to get the job done. Again, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need help finding equipment or navigating through our online store!

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