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Sample Splitters and Dividers

Sample Splitters and Dividers

Certified Material Testing Products offers sample splitter and sample divider equipment as part of a complete line of aggregate testing supplies. Our Gilson sample splitters and sample dividers are the industry-leading solution for dividing or sampling of free-flowing, granular materials.

In the world of laboratory testing and material analysis, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. That's where sample splitters and dividers come into play. This category includes a wide range of specialized tools and equipment designed to simplify the process of dividing and splitting samples, ensuring precise results and saving valuable time.

One of the standout products in this category is the QuarterMaster Hot Asphalt Mix Sample Splitter. Specifically designed for hot asphalt mix samples, this splitter allows for quick and efficient splitting of samples into quarter-sized portions. Its durable construction and innovative design make it ideal for asphalt testing laboratories and construction projects alike.

Another notable product in this category is the Gilson SP-0 Universal Sample Splitter. It is a versatile tool that can be used with various sample types and sizes. With its adjustable chute width and hopper height, users can easily control the flow and division of samples, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the splitting process.

For portable and on-site sampling needs, the Gilson SP-2 Universal Porta-Splitter is a reliable choice. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy transportation and setup, making it perfect for fieldwork and remote testing locations. With its high-quality construction and precision splitting mechanism, it guarantees reliable and representative sample division.

In addition to splitters, this category also includes various accessories and related tools to enhance the sampling process. The Sample Quartering Cloth Kit provides an effective method for quartering samples using a traditional cloth technique. The 6x8ft Quartering Kit Cloth, Quartering Kit Square-Point Shovel, and Quartering Kit Prolene Broom are essential components for ensuring accurate and efficient sample division.

Furthermore, material handling pans and chutes are crucial in the sample splitting process. The steel pans, available in different sizes, provide a durable and reliable surface for collecting and transferring samples. The material handling chute allows for easy and controlled flow of materials during the splitting process.

Overall, sample splitters and dividers are vital tools in the laboratory and field testing environments. They streamline the process of dividing samples, ensuring accuracy and repeatability. Whether it is for asphalt testing, materials research, or quality control procedures, these products are essential for professionals who demand precise and efficient sample splitting. With the wide range of products available in this category, there is a suitable option for every application and need.

Featured Sample Splitters and Dividers

Our Gilson Universal Sample Splitter features an exclusive adjustable chute system and gate-release hopper. The popular SP-0 Sample Divider model provides a 3.5ft³ Hopper Capacity. The SP-1 Sample Divider is a rugged, large capacity floor model sample splitter for laboratory or field use of materials with particle sizes up to 4in.  The SP-2 Sample Divider is a lightweight splitter that has a hopper capacity for materials up to 2in. The SP-3 Sample Divider and the all stainless steel SP-33 Sample Divider are bench top models that feature a spring-loaded gate release, stainless steel hopper, and frame.

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