Thermometers for Asphalt Testing

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of thermometers for asphalt testing. 

Temperature testing in asphalt is essential to verifying the varying degrees of temperature in asphalt mixtures. Our most popular asphalt thermometer is the Pocket Dial Thermometer which has a temperature range of 50 to 500F, an 8" Stem, and a large 2" Dial for easy reading. Browse the collection of asphalt thermometers from Certified MTP below.

Certified Material Testing Products also offers a large selection of digital infrared thermometers that are perfect for testing asphalt.

All of our thermometers for asphalt testing are in stock and ship today!

Best Asphalt Thermometers

Asphalt Thermometer
  • Asphalt/Concrete Thermometer, 50 to 550F, 8" Stem, 2" Dial
  • Pocket Dial Thermometer, 50 to 500F, 8" Stem, 2" Dial
  • RT-301 Digital Pocket Thermometer
  • Asphalt/Concrete Thermometer, 50 to 550F, 8" Stem, 1 3/4" Dial
  • Asphalt/Concrete Thermometer, 50 to 550F, 5" Stem, 1" Dial
  • Sper Scientific 800101 Infrared Thermometer Gun 8:1
  • Infrared Thermometer Gun 12:1
  • Traceable Infrared Dual-Laser Thermometer
  • Infrared Digital Thermometer, -76 to 932F/-60 to 500C