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Floor Scales for Material Testing

Certified Material Testing Products offers a diverse selection of floor scales designed specifically for material testing. These floor scales are versatile and can easily accommodate large or heavy objects, providing accurate and efficient weighing solutions for laboratories and field applications.

One of the highlighted products in this category is the Ohaus VX32XW5000X Floor Scale, which has a maximum capacity of 5000lb with a precision of 1lb. This scale is ideal for weighing heavy materials with precision and reliability. Another option is the Ohaus VX32XW10000L Floor Scale, capable of weighing objects up to 10000lb with a precision of 2lb.

If you require different weight capacities, there are various alternatives available. The Ohaus VX32XW5000L Floor Scale, for example, has a capacity of 5000lb with a precision of 1lb, while the Ohaus VX32XW10000X Floor Scale offers the same maximum capacity but with a precision of 2lb.

In addition to Ohaus scales, we also offer Adam Equipment's high-quality floor scales. The Adam AELP 1000 and AELP 2000 Pallet Beam Scales have weight capacities of 2200lb and 4400lb respectively. These scales ensure accurate measurement with a precision of 0.5lb and 1lb correspondingly.

For more compact options, the Adam CPWplus series includes bench and floor scales with various weight capacities. The CPWplus 6 Bench and Floor Scale can weigh objects up to 13lb with a precision of 0.005lb, while the CPWplus 150 Bench and Floor Scale has a maximum capacity of 330lb with a precision of 0.1lb.

Whether you are conducting material testing in a laboratory or a field setting, our floor scales provide reliable and precise measurements. You can easily move and place these scales wherever needed due to their portable design. Explore our wide range of high-quality floor scales to find the perfect solution for your weighing needs.