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Balance Calibration Weights

Certified Material Testing Products offers a wide range of balance calibration weights to ensure that your digital scales are accurate and meet ASTM standards. Our calibration weights are available in ASTM Classes 0-4, NIST Class F, and Ultra Class, providing you with reliable options for all your calibration needs.

Calibration weights are essential for maintaining the accuracy of your scales. Over time, scales can lose their precision due to various factors such as temperature changes, wear, and tear, or mishandling. By regularly calibrating your scales with certified weights, you can be confident that your measurements are accurate and reliable.

Our Gilson OBA-217 Calibration Mass Set is part of our Ultra Class range, offering weights from 1g to 100g. This set is perfect for precision measurements and is NVLAP certified, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. The OBA-216 Calibration Mass Set is another excellent option, providing weights from 1mg to 100g.

For larger capacity scales, we have the Gilson OBA-210 Calibration Mass, Ultra Class, 1000g. This weight is specifically designed for heavy-duty scales and guarantees accurate measurements. Similarly, the Gilson OBA-214 Calibration Mass, Ultra Class, 10kg, is ideal for industrial applications that require precise weighing.

In addition to our wide range of calibration weights, we also offer traceable options. Our Traceable calibration weights provide additional confidence in your measurements as they are calibrated against national or international standards.

Whether you are in a laboratory, manufacturing facility, or any other setting where accurate measurements are crucial, our balance calibration weights will ensure that your scales deliver precise and reliable data. Choose from our extensive range of Ultra Class weights today or explore our other scales testing equipment to meet all your material testing needs.

Certified Material Testing Products is committed to providing high-quality and dependable calibration weights, ensuring that your measurement instruments meet the necessary standards. Shop with us today and experience the accuracy and reliability our calibration weights bring to your scales.