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Hydrometer Analysis Test Equipment

Browse our selection of Hydrometer Analysis Test Equipment that meets both ASTM and AASHTO standards. Also called the sedimentation method, the hydrometer analysis test is used to determine the grain size distribution of soil. 

Hydrometers for Soil Analysis Test

Certified Material Testing Products selection features two choices in hydrometers and a variety of other equipment to help you run your hydrometer analysis test. Soil hydrometers are used to measure the relative density of a liquid which is needed to measure fine grained soils that cannot be accurately measured through sieve analysis.

Our featured hydrometers include the Soil Hydrometer 151H and Soil Hydrometer 152H both used for ASTM testing of soils. Our other popular supplies for hydrometer analysis testing include our Hydrometer Sedimentation Cylinder Jar, Soil Dispersion Mechanical Mixer with Dispersion CupSodium Hexametaphosphate, and Constant Temperature Bath.

Browse our variety of Hydrometer Analysis Test Equipment below. Certified MTP offers a wide range of other soil testing equipment to help with a variety of other jobs as well.  

Best Hydrometer Analysis Test Equipment Includes:

  • ASTM Soils Hydrometer 152H, Range -5 to 60g/L (SG)
  • Hydrometer Sedimentation Cylinder
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate 1lb Bottle
  • Mechanical Stirring Paddle for Soil Dispersion Mechanical Mixer
  • ASTM Soils Hydrometer 151H, Range 0.995 to 1.038 (SG)
  • Dispersion Cup for Soil Dispersion Mechanical Mixer
  • Soil Dispersion Mechanical Mixer with Dispersion Cup
  • Hydrometer Jar Constant Temperature Bath
  • and More