Concrete Testing Equipment for Lab & Field

Concrete testing equipment will make sure the concrete will do its job and last for the life of the building or structure its supporting. Having a strong foundation is imperative to new construction lasting the test of time. Concrete testing tools will allow the contractor to know everything they need to know for the construction project. It will show that the concrete is ready to support the weight of the structure you plan on building after curing. While rebar and other reinforcing materials will help strengthen the concrete in a foundation, they can only help so much. Browse our collection of concrete testing equipment today!

Concrete Testing Equipment for Construction

Concrete testing can take place during a few of different steps in the construction process. When the concrete arrives at the construction site, it can be tested using the slump test after it has been mixed up to ensure the ratios are correct to allow the proper amount of slump in the wet concrete mixture. Cylinder testing is another test involving adding wet concrete to a cylinder in a particular manner than taking it to the lab for testing to see how it will set up. These are only a couple of the concrete testing procedures that are required when creating a foundation to ensure the permanence of the structure.

Concrete Testing Equipment That Meets Your Needs

Certified MTP offers concrete testing equipment for a wide range of applications. Our concrete testing tools allow you to check fresh concrete and perform non-destructive testing of hardened concrete. Whether you need concrete test cylinders or concrete thermometers, we have a variety of concrete testing supplies to suit your purpose. Our extensive collection also includes concrete slump testing equipment. We have a broad selection of concrete testing equipment for sale that meets real-world requirements.

Concrete Testing Tools You Can Trust

Certified MTP is the go-to supplier of concrete testing tools. We source all our concrete testing supplies from major manufacturers you know and trust. With our concrete testing equipment, you know you'll get reliable, repeatable results time after time. Industry leaders count on the concrete testing tools from Certified MTP. We provide the durability and dependability you need in your concrete testing equipment.

Concrete Lab Testing Equipment That Gets Results

Concrete lab testing equipment from Certified MTP ensures the durability and reliability of every batch of concrete you test. Whatever characteristics you're checking, our concrete testing supplies get the job done. When you use our concrete testing tools, you know you'll get results you can trust. Put our concrete testing equipment to work in your lab.

Concrete Testing Supplies for the Field

When you're on a job site, you need concrete testing supplies you can depend on. You can check for air content, workability, compressive strength and much more with our concrete testing equipment. Need to test for consistency, set time or shrinkage rate? You can't go wrong with concrete testing tools from Certified MTP. We work hard every day to ensure you get the best supplies for your application.

Why Use Concrete Testing Equipment?

Many people confuse the terms "cement" and "concrete." But the differences between the two are clear. Cement is one of several ingredients used to manufacture concrete. Water and aggregates like crushed stone, gravel and sand also go into concrete. It's crucial to ensure you have the correct proportions of each ingredient. And that's where concrete testing equipment comes in. Using our concrete testing tools, you can make sure you have the right mix for your job.

Find Concrete Testing Equipment for Sale at Certified MTP

Certified MTP has the best selection of concrete testing equipment for sale — and we'll help you find what you need. If you have questions, our experienced customer service representatives can point you toward the appropriate concrete testing tools for your application. Start shopping now for the concrete testing equipment that will get the job done.