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Laboratory Shakers

The Laboratory Shakers category includes a wide range of products designed to provide efficient and reliable shaking and mixing solutions for laboratories. These shakers are essential tools for various applications in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and research. They are commonly used in laboratories to mix liquids, generate homogenous suspensions, and to conduct experiments that require consistent agitation.

The Lab Companion AAH30106U, SKC-6075 Orbital Platform Shaker (19mm Orbit) is a compact and versatile shaker that provides gentle yet efficient agitation. With its 19mm orbit, it offers precise and controlled shaking for small to medium-sized samples.

For larger samples and more vigorous shaking, the Lab Companion AAH30226U, SKC-7200 Orbital Platform Shaker (50mm Orbit), Large is an ideal choice. This high-capacity shaker can accommodate larger vessels and provides a wider shaking motion for effective mixing.

In addition to orbital platform shakers, this category also includes specialized shakers for specific tasks. The Lab Companion AAH3B1115U, CMS-350 Mini Shaker, for example, is a compact and portable shaker designed specifically for microplates. It offers gentle shaking to ensure even distribution of samples across microplates.

For laboratories that require incubation alongside shaking, the Lab Companion AAH23465U, IST-3075 Benchtop Incubating Shaker is a perfect solution. This stackable shaker provides both rocking and orbital motions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including cell culturing, protein expression, and DNA extraction.

All the products in this category are built with quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure durability, precision, and user-friendly operation. They are equipped with intuitive control panels, adjustable speed and shaking parameters, and safety features for reliable and efficient shaking performance. Some models also come with temperature control and cooling capabilities for incubation applications.

Whether you are working in a research laboratory, educational institution, or industrial setting, the Laboratory Shakers category offers a diverse selection of products to meet your shaking and mixing needs. These shakers provide consistent and reproducible results, making them indispensable tools for scientists and researchers in a variety of fields.

Laboratory Shakers

Whether you need to mix, blend or agitate the materials you're testing, lab shakers are the machines to get the job done and do it well. At Certified Material Testing Products, we carry shakers that can mix materials in a variety of motions and conditions: if you're working with microbes or DNA replications, you can choose from our incubator shakers or heating shakers; if you need lab shakers that perform multiple functions, choose an advanced orbital shakers; or, if you need a small, simple shaker for general mixing, try a mini shaker. And that's not even the half of the options we carry. Browse them all today.

Shaker Accessories

If you have laboratory shakers that could use replacement or additional parts, we've got you covered in that department, too. Find a variety of platforms, flask clamps, test tube racks and more at Certified Material Testing Products to make sure your laboratory is always armed and ready.

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