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A&D GF-300 Precision Balance, 310g x 0.001g

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The A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance is a highly advanced and efficient weighing instrument that is perfect for laboratory and industrial applications. With its superior response speeds and minimal maintenance costs, this precision balance is designed to increase productivity and deliver accurate results.

Featuring patented SHS weighing technology, the A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance offers high-speed and precise measurements. Its robust design makes it flexible and efficient for use on lab benches or in automated processes. This balance is available in a diverse selection of internal and external calibration models, offering a broad range of capacities and resolutions to meet your specific needs.

One of the standout features of the A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance is its Super Hybrid Sensor, which ensures fast measurements and accurate results. It is capable of withstanding tough environments with its "Auto Response Speeds" that minimize the effects of drafts and vibrations. Whether you require external or automatic motorized internal calibration, this balance delivers the best accuracy and precision with its one-touch cal function. Additionally, the Auto Self Cal (ASC) feature automatically adjusts for ambient temperature changes, ensuring consistent and reliable measurements.

The A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance is built to withstand the demands of daily use. Its robust construction includes an easy-to-clean keypad, antistatic glass, a stainless steel pan, and a die-cast aluminum housing that is dust and splash proof. The easy-to-read Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) provides clear and wide-angle visibility even in dimly-lit areas.

Ensuring data compliance is effortless with the A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance. It is GLP/GMP/ISO compliant and features time/date signatures and ID numbers for record-keeping purposes. The balance also includes data memory functions, allowing easy storage and export of data via RS232 or Quick USB using the WinCT software communication tool.

In conclusion, the A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance is a reliable and high-performance weighing instrument that offers superior response speeds, accurate measurements, and robust construction. It is designed to increase productivity, ensure data compliance, and deliver precise results in various laboratory and industrial settings.
 A&D Weighing GF-300 Precision Balance, 310g x 0.001g

A&D GF-300 Precision Balance, 310g x 0.001g