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Specific Gravity Bench, Complete

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The HMA LAB DE-2005 Specific Gravity Bench, Complete is a comprehensive and efficient solution for all your specific gravity testing needs. This product ensures accuracy and precision in determining the specific gravity of various materials.

One of the key features of this specific gravity bench is the steel density table, which provides a sturdy and reliable surface for conducting tests. The table is designed to accommodate different types of samples, allowing for versatile usage.

The bench is equipped with a 30-gallon tank, which provides ample space for conducting tests on larger samples or multiple samples at once. This tank is complemented by a 200-watt digital tank heater, ensuring that the testing conditions remain consistent and controlled throughout the process.

To facilitate the circulation of the testing fluid, a circulating pump is included, promoting even distribution and allowing for reliable results. The bench also includes a digital bath thermometer with remote readout, enabling you to monitor the temperature accurately and conveniently.

You can rely on the deluxe 4-outlet power strip with GFCI cord to power your equipment safely and efficiently. This power strip not only ensures a stable power supply but also meets safety standards.

For ease of transportation and mobility, the specific gravity bench is equipped with four casters, two of which lock to secure the bench in place during testing. This feature allows you to position the bench wherever needed and provides stability during testing.

To provide a convenient and organized workspace, the bench includes a steel heater/circulator holder. This holder ensures that the equipment is securely mounted and within easy reach, preventing any disruptions during testing.

With dimensions of 30" W x 24" D x 40" H and a weight of 145lbs (table only), this specific gravity bench offers a compact and robust solution. The shipping weight of 180lbs showcases the durability and stability of this product.

The HMA LAB DE-2005 Specific Gravity Bench, Complete is a comprehensive, reliable, and versatile solution for all your specific gravity testing requirements. Whether you are working in a laboratory or a research facility, this bench provides all the necessary features and components to ensure accurate and precise results.
HMA Lab Supply HMA Lab DE-2005, Specific Gravity Bench, Complete

Specific Gravity Bench, Complete