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Thermometers for Concrete Testing

Thermometers for Concrete Testing

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of thermometers for concrete testing.

Temperature testing in concrete is essential to verifying the varying degrees of temperature for ASTM E-11 and other ASTM specifications. Our most popular concrete thermometer is the Concrete Thermometer that has a temperature range of 25 to 125F, a 5" Stem and an easy-to-read 1" Dial.  Our Min-Max Thermometer is the perfect choice for measuring the temperature variance on the setting time of fresh concrete.  A great mercury-free option for the Min-Max thermometer is the Digital Mercury Free Min-Max Thermometer

All of our thermometers for concrete testing are in stock and ship today!

We especially recommend the Sper 800102 Infrared Thermometer Gun 8:1, -4 To 930 Deg F

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