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Unit Weight Measure, Steel, 1/2 Cu Ft (14.2L)

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Unit Weight Measure, Steel, 1/2 Cu Ft (14.2L)

Steel Unit Weight Measures are suitable for non-specification checks of unit weight and void content of aggregates. Measures can also be used to determine the unit weight of concrete or aggregates.

Gilson’s durable welded steel models can be user-calibrated for exact volume. All measures are water-tight, have bail handles, and are constructed to retain form under rough usage.

Use Unit Weight Strike-Off Plate, Aluminum, 12 X 12in


  • Roll-formed welded and painted heavy gauge steel construction
  • Sturdy bail handles
  • Water-tight with top and bottom even



Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 138

The Steel Unit Weight Measure, measuring 1/2 cubic feet (14.2L), is an essential tool for conducting non-specification checks on the unit weight and void content of aggregates. It can also be used to determine the unit weight of concrete or aggregates.

Built with durability in mind, Gilson’s welded steel models are designed to withstand rough usage. The measures are constructed using roll-formed, welded, and painted heavy gauge steel. This ensures that the measures retain their form even under harsh conditions.

To ensure exact volume measurements, the Steel Unit Weight Measure can be user-calibrated. This feature allows for precise and accurate readings. Additionally, the measures are water-tight, preventing any leakage and potential errors in measurements. The inclusion of bail handles provides easy and convenient maneuverability.

For additional accessories, Gilson offers a range of products to complement the Steel Unit Weight Measure. The Strike-Off Plates, used to strike-off excess samples, ensure a smooth and even surface. Tamping Rods can be used to consolidate concrete specimens during testing of air content and more. The Concrete Strike-Off Bar is specifically designed to remove excess material, while the Rubber Mallet with a hard rubber face is ideal for consolidating concrete in unit weight measures or removing specimen molds.

For a comprehensive selection of Concrete Unit Weight Measurement Equipment, including the Steel Unit Weight Measure, customers can explore Gilson’s full line of products. This range provides all the necessary tools and accessories for accurate and reliable measurements in the field of unit weight and void content analysis.

With its sturdy construction, water-tight design, and user-calibration capabilities, the Steel Unit Weight Measure from Gilson is the go-to choice for professionals in the construction industry who require precise and dependable measurements of unit weight and void content.

View the full line of Concrete Unit Weight Measurement Equipment and for standard unit weight testing for concrete, we recommend the Unit Weight Bucket, Aluminum, 1 Cubic Feet

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Gilson Company Unit Weight Measure, Steel, 1/2 Cu Ft (14.2L)

Unit Weight Measure, Steel, 1/2 Cu Ft (14.2L)