Thermometers for Concrete Testing

Certified Material Testing Products offers a complete line of thermometers for concrete testing.

Temperature testing in concrete is essential to verifying the varying degrees of temperature for ASTM E-11 and other ASTM specifications. Our most popular concrete thermometer is the Concrete Thermometer that has a temperature range of 25 to 125F, a 5" Stem and an easy-to-read 1" Dial.  Our Min-Max Thermometer is the perfect choice for measuring the temperature variance on the setting time of fresh concrete.  A great mercury-free option for the Min-Max thermometer is the Digital Mercury Free Min-Max Thermometer

All of our thermometers for concrete testing are in stock and ship today!

Best Concrete Thermometers Include:

Concrete Thermometer for Testing
  • Concrete Thermometer, 25 to 125F Pocket, 5" Stem, 1" Dial
  • Min-Max Thermometer
  • Asphalt/Concrete Thermometer, 50 to 550F, 8" Stem, 2" Dial
  • Min-Max Thermometer, Digital, Mercury Free
  • Pocket Dial Thermometer, 50 to 500F, 8" Stem, 2" Dial
  • Concrete Thermometer, 0 to 125F, Stick, Organic Filled
  • Pocket Digital Thermometer, -58 to 500F/-50 to 260C
  • RT-301 Digital Pocket Thermometer
  • Digital Min-Max Thermometer (Water Resistant)