Rebar Locators and Flaw Detection

Our rebar locator and flaw detection equipment will help you identify the exact location of rebar and underground metalwork. These flaw detection devices and rebar locations are essential to a safe testing environment and Certified Material Testing Products recommends these products as part of our complete line of concrete testing equipment.

Featured Rebar Locator Devices and Equipment

Choose from our extensive variety of rebar locator and flaw detection devices. This inventory includes the Proceq Profoscope+ Rebar Locator and Covermeter has a detection capability to a maximum depth of 7 inches. The Elcometer Rebar Locator/Covermeter Model B is a basic meter that is specifically designed as a rebar finder as well as determining the orientation and depth. The Zircon MT 6 Electronic Metal Detector/Locator is perfect for finding the depth (up to 6 inches) of rebar and other metalwork through concrete and most nonmetallic construction materials.

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Best Rebar Locators Include:

  • Profoscope+ Rebar Locator and Covermeter
  • Profoscope Rebar Locator and Covermeter, Basic Model
  • Elcometer Rebar Locator/Cover Meter, Model SH
  • Profometer 600 Rebar Locator
  • Elcometer Rebar Locator/Cover Meter, Model B
  • Profometer 650AI PM-650 Rebar Locator and Covermeter
  • Profometer 630AI PM-630 Rebar Locator and Covermeter
  • Proceq Resipod Resistivity Meter, 2" (50mm)
  • and More